Pufferfish Fruit Platter (5 things, 15 minutes)

Serving fruits at a party can be done creatively. Remember our rainbow fruit skewers? While gathering ideas for our beach-theme party, we found a fruit platter inspired by the poisonous pufferfish.

Pufferfish Fish Watermelon

Not only this blowfish wouldn’t kill you, it’s good for your health!

Pufferfish Melon

> Watermelon
> Red grapes
> Green grapes
> Bamboo skewers
> Toothpicks


Pufferfish Fruit Platter Tutorial

  1. Cut off a quarter of the watermelon. This will serve as the place to hold fruit skewers.
  2. Set the eyes of the pufferfish with grapes.
  3. Chop the quarter of the watermelon into cubes. Along with red and green grapes, slide them onto skewers.
  4. Use the skin to make the fins and mouth of the pufferfish. Secure them with skewers and toothpicks.
  5. Poke more toothpicks on the top of the melon as its thorn.
  6. Poke fruit skewers on the exposed part of the watermelon.

blowfish melon


  • Choose a watermelon which can stand on its own.
  • Place extra fruits on the plate.
  • You can decorate the bottom of the plate with fruits and leafy green vegetables like lettuce or romaines.
  • The toothpick on the fish can be used to pick fruits.

Pufferfish Fruit Platter

What else should be make with a watermelon next?

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