Building a basic home bar on a cart

HOME PROJECT: The bar cart we put together at home

We’ve been planning to build a home bar for a few months already. Now it’s starting to look a lot more put together.

Honestly, we are not big drinkers though we do enjoy a glass of wine and cocktail occasionally. Fascinated with the art of making cocktails (which is actually quite simple) coupled with the fact that we are having friends and family over more frequently, we thought it’ll be fun to have a little bar at home. It’ll be nice to serve beer, liquor and homemade cocktails.

HOME PROJECT: The bar cart we put together at home


we want to only get the bare minimum alcohol and tools. First, we put together a plan here: How to put together a basic home bar. We decided to have it at the living room where we entertain and dedicated a corner our bar.


Our bar is by all no means complete though we’ve gotten a few more things that we think is nice-to-have but not necessary such as the jigger. To kickstart the project, we bought a BYGEL trolley from IKEA.  It’s fairly easy to put together and space efficient. We were also drawn to the drawer which is handy to put more utensils in the future.


Right now, we have only collected three out of four alcohol: gin, whiskey and vodka. We are still on the way to get rum to make our favourite mojito. Utensils-wise, we have a jigger to measure alcohol (which can be replaced with teaspoon), an ice bucket with a tong and a cocktail shaker.


A long handle spoon as a bar spoon, stirrer and straws are put neatly n a regular drinking glass . We’ve also collected some glassware, which we put on the second layer of the trolley. The bottom of the trolley are meant to put mixers and beers.


Of course, at JewelPie we don’t only like functional things, we also like it to look beautiful. So we decorate the cart with a snakeskin tray from I Wanna Go Home,(which also keep things organised), cute floral paper napkins and a small vase to put some flowers.


We are so excited to slowly improve our mini bar, try out more simple cocktails and throw more parties which include some drinking. Next, we’ll share some tips on starting a mini bar.

Do you have a bar at home or intend to start one?


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