PRODUCT REVIEW: Yonanas banana ice-cream maker

Making a last stop at the supermarket’s freezer aisle before heading to the checkout counter always leave me in a dilemma. “To buy or not to buy ice-cream?”

With an average 300 calories per serving, 3 scoops a day could mean submitting to an additional hour on the treadmill. I always wonder if there is just one machine that can give me “ice-cream” without the “cream” and still not gain extra pounds. Lately, I found just the right one: Yonanas, the banana ice-cream maker.


  • 1 unit of Yonanas maker base
  • 1 chute assembly (consist of 5 parts)
  • 1 Recipe card
  • 1 User manual
  • 1 Yonanas warranty card


Yonanas turns frozen fruits into “ice-cream” like dessert with both texture and consistency that resemble regular ice-cream. You may use practically any fruits but the best is still to use over-ripe bananas (spotted).


  1. Freeze over-ripe (spotted) bananas or any other fruits for 24 hours.
  2. Switch on the power button.
  3. Insert frozen bananas into the chute and push down with the plunger.
  4. Collect dessert with a bowl.Continue with other frozen fruits.
  5. To clean: Remove chute assembly from the Yonanas maker base and separate the parts. Use soapy water for cleaning.



  • Fast – Yonanas gives us instant and healthy dessert in under a minute. It’s perfect for any time of the day, and even when guests came calling at a moment’s notice.
  • Easy assembly – The chute assembly is made up of 5 separate parts that are designed so intuitively that anyone, young or old is able to use the machine without much hassle.
  • Easy cleaning – Cleaning only involves separating the chute assembly into individual parts and the use soapy water.Yonanas



  • Noisy As this is a rather well built machine and easy to operate with a reasonable price tag of RM289, our main complaint is that the motor is rather noisy.
  • New in the market The machine and the brand is rather new in the market. We can only wonder about the durability of the machine. Though there’s a one year guarantee.


  • Over-ripe bananas Using over-ripe (spotted) bananas as base will be the best bet for any recipe since it gives the best texture. However Yonanas’s website provides a wide selection of recipes to choose from
  • Thaw fruits You should let the frozen bananas/fruits be thawed for at least a few minutes to get a creamier texture and also to preserve the blades. If you can break the frozen fruit into half, it’s ready.
  • Separate fruits When freezing the fruits – its best to separate them into one serving size each to prevent the fruits from sticking together during freezing.
  • Do not blend frozen liquid I was told that frozen liquid would be too hard and would damage the machine. Blending frozen milk is a bad idea.

Yonanas Malaysia

The machine is priced at RM 289. It’s available at major supermarkets such as Cold Storage KLCC, Cold Storage Mont Kiara, Cold Storage Bandar Utama, Cold Storage Mid Valley, Cold Storage Great Eastern, Cold Storage Sunway Pyramid, Jason Food Hall Bangsar, Mercato Pavilion, Mercato Hartamas, and Giant Hypermarket Subang Jaya.

Do take note of replicas selling on group-buying sites.

*(Update on Nov 2013) We found a replica selling for RM 99 at Lazada. 

*(Second update on Nov 2012). According to Dole, the official seller of Yonanas, the original item assures the product’s quality and offers after sales services.


You can get more info about this machine at Yonanas website.

A dream machine that serves dessert that is healthy, quick and tasty. It is a fun addition to a home with kids or an ice-cream lover on a diet.

Are you considering buying this machine or have you already got one? Share with us how you like it or any recipes you’ve tried.


DISCLOSURE: Dole organised a class where people from the media are invited to try out the machine and were given a unit each. The machine is a courtesy of Dole and Yonanas.

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