Product Review: Vertical Cooker “Egg Master”

None of us really have time for breakfast in the morning, let alone cooking breakfast. Making sandwich prepared under 2 to 3 minutes is probably the most some of us will do in order not to skip the most important meal of the day. Jewelpie found a healthy alternative to cooking breakfast the fast way – using the vertical cooker “Egg Master”.

egg master


  • 1 Egg master maker
  • 1 Lid
  • 1 Cleaning Sponge with handle
  • 1 Packer
  • 1 User Manual
  • 5 Disposable wooden skewers
  • 1 spray bottle

egg master

Egg master can make breakfast type food (eggs as the main ingredient) and the final product are shaped like a roll. In the user manual, there are 10 recipes provided –namely Basic eggs, Egg white, Bacon egg, Egg dog, Breakfast burrito, Veggie Tortilla, Pancake Link, Pizza, Burger Dog and Chocolate Banana



  1. Attach electrical cord to Egg master and switch it on. The red light indicator will be light up indicating power is on. Next the green light will light up indicating the Egg master is ready for use.
  2. Spray cooking oil evenly into the cooking chamber.
  3. You can now pour in the eggs mixture (maximum 2 eggs at a time) and it will start cooking.
  4. After cooking for about a minute (or when egg mixture starts to harden), insert wooden skewer into the cylinder.
  5. Cooking completes when the final product pops out automatically. Cooking time usually last for 3 minutes.




  • Simple design – Egg master is like our regular-sized tumbler and it houses a cooking chamber of about 8.5cm long. This makes it easy to store in small spaces like drawers.
  • Ease of use and kids friendly – Simply wait for the green light, spray some oil and pour egg mixture. This cooker can be safe for kids to use too since you don’t have to start the stove or worry about hot oil. However, as with all electrical appliances, its best to have an adult to supervise.
  • Ease of cleaning – Use the cleaning sponge to reach deep inside the cooking chamber to clean. As the amount of oil used is very minimal, the surface of cooking chamber is not very oily hence the cleaning with some water with tiny amount of soapy water is sufficient.

egg master 4


  • User manual – The usual manual provided is only printed in Chinese. The only English instructions provided are those printed on the side of the box. However the Lazada website does provide a lot of important information, including a video on how to use Eggmaster.
  • Plug might not fit in power socket – We’ve tried this product in two places. Much to our chagrin, the plug does not fit easily into the power socket at the office.

Egg master manual

  • The green light will turn on and off during the cooking process. This is not a cause for concern.
  • When cooking complete, the final product will spring up automatically. But if you prefer a crispier finished, turn it upside down and reinsert into the cooking chamber to cook for a another minute or two.
  •  Our experiment shows that most recipes do quite well without the wooden skewers provided. You can simply tilt it over and use a fork to guide food onto the dishes.
  • Cooking eggs at room temperature is better compared with eggs taken straight out from the fridge. Cooking time will double if cold eggs are used.
  • Always cover the Egg master with lid provided to prevent dust collecting inside the cooking chamber when not in use.

RM 42. Available at Lazada SHOP NOW

Egg master is selling comes with a 1 year supplier warranty. Great product for egg lovers and the time-pressed individual who still want to enjoy healthy, protein-rich breakfast every morning!


DISCLOSURE: The product is sent to JewelPie for consideration. We will be giving away this unit to a lucky reader!

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