PRODUCT REVIEW: Tupperware Extra Chef

If you want to chop or whisk ingredients quickly and without using electricity, check out Tupperware’s latest invention: the Tupperware Extra Chef. We have received a unit for review purposes. Here’s the lowdown!


  • 1 unit PTS Extra Chef ( 4 main parts: Pull cord cover, Adaptor ring, Blade axle & Container)
  • Paddle whisk
  • Funnel
  • 1 User manual

Tupperware Extra Chef Malaysia

PTS Extra Chef can chops vegetable and other ingredients into small pieces quickly and efficiently. In addition, it can be used to make dressing, mousse and sauces (with the paddle whisk attachment) and more.

1. Firstly, ensure that the anti-skid rim is assembled at the outer bottom of the container.

2.Place the container on the countertop and remove the blade protector from blade axle and position it in the centre of the container. If you are making sauces, place the paddle whisk in the middle instead.

3. Next, place the desired ingredients into the container and use the adaptor ring to cover the container. Then screw the pull cord cover onto the adaptor ring to lock.

4. Hold down Extra Chef by using one hand on the cover and with the other hand pull the cord horizontally in fast movements.

6.To make sauces or other liquid food, replace the blade with paddle whisk.

Extra Chef


  • Effortless–Just pull the cord manually to operate.
  • Save electricity– Need not fuss over wiring and electrical cord or drag the heavy blender/food processor out which require electricity to operate.
  • Ease of use – Easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Easy to clean – Just wash with soap water (Except pull-cord cover and anti-skid rim)

extra chef vs turbo chopper

  • Bigger container – We were happy with Turbo Chopper doing all the chopping for us. When we want to chop a bigger amount of food, it proves to be too small. PTS Extra Chef helps us chops up bigger batch of ingredients at one go.
  • Speedy Chef function – Attaching the paddle whisk turns Extra Chef into a blender which allow us to make dressing, mousse, sauces and even smoothies. (We can add ice into our smoothies since the blade are not designed to crush ice)
  • Funnel – Funnel double as a measuring cup. It has a capacity of 50ml and measurements are indicated inside (15ml,30ml and 50ml)


  • Unlike an electric blender, it cannot blend hot liquid or crush ice.



  • Container may retain the smell of the ingredient especially pungent food. Hence, washing up immediately after use is recommended.
  • The chopper is meant to cut soft and semi-soft ingredients. The manual specifically warned not to crush or chop hard items like ice or even abrasive ingredients like biscuits or cornflakes. Our attempt to make mango smoothies was quick and easy.
  • When making liquid food, always chop/blend sold food first and liquid should only be added at the end of the preparation.

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tupperware extra chef and turbo chopper malaysia


Though it may not be essential for every home, it is definitely a handy tool. It’s perfect for making baby food or salad based food which requires a lot of chopping.

If you already have a food processor or blender, the Speedy Chef function that does whisking and whipping might not be that appealing.

However, if you have just set-up your kitchen and are just beginning to buy your kitchen tools, PTS Extra Chef can be a good time saving kitchen helper.

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