Product review: SHARP HEALSIO STEAM OVEN for healthy cooking

At JewelPie, we believe in consuming healthy food and cooking efficiently through the use of appliances. We’ve done research on steamers (10 multi-layered steamer) and frequently use steaming as a cooking method. Do try our soymilk steam egg and herbal steam chicken.

The next obvious step is to test a reputable steam oven to see how this machine can assist healthier cooking. We’ve loaned and tested Sharp Steam Oven for a month. Read on to understand how it works!

Sharp Steam Oven
As we were reviewing a demo unit, we were not able to write about the exact content after unboxing but each unit should contain:

  • 1 unit Sharp Healsio Oven
  • 1 User manual
  • 1 Baking tray
  • 1 Rack


It has 4 main functions:

  1. Superheated steam – allows frying, roasting, grilling, baking and reheating
  2. Steam – cooks foods gently while retaining moisture, natural flavours and nutrients
  3. Oven – works like a conventional oven for baking and grilling
  4. Microwave – works like normal microwave and can be used for cooking, reheat, defrosting.

Sharp Steam Oven


  1. Plug the oven into a power point and you will see nothing displaced on the LCD display as the energy saving mode is on.
  2. Open the oven door and the display will show “0”. Close the over door. Of this 4 functions – only superheated steam and steam require water hence -make sure the water tank is filled to the MAX mark before operating either one.
  3. Choose from the 4 main function – for example “Steam” ( Under steam function – there are 7 preset menus and 1 manual setting”
  4. Turn the knob to the desired menu setting – for example “St3” for steam fish and press Enter.
  5. Now the display will ask for the amount in kg– again – turn the knob to 0.3kg if we are steaming a 300gm fish.
  6. Open the oven door and place the food inside before hitting the Start button.
  7. When cooking is complete – the word “EXTEND” will appear to ask if we still need to increase cooking time – if nothing is required – hit Stop/Clear button.

Sharp Steam Oven


  • Multifunctional – With 4 cooking functions,  we can virtually do any kind of cooking from steaming, frying, baking, grilling and roasting.
  • Healthy – Due to the superheated steam and super low oxygen technology, food is cooked to perfection and excess fat and salt away is melted away while nutrient is retained.
  • Easy to use cleaning function– Two main cleaning function is available namely Steam clean function and Descaling function. The 20 minutes cycle of Steam clean function helps to loosen any grease, oil or food residue.

Sharp Steam Oven

  • Menu List – The entire 28 pre-programmed menu are shown clearly on the bottom of the oven door, hence we need not refer to the manual all the time.
  • Clear instruction on LCD display – Whenever the oven gets too hot, the word “HOT” will flash on the display to warn user to be careful – if the word “WATER” flashes, it indicates that water tank needs to be refilled.


  • Utensils and accessories– Since each functions operate differently at different temperature and heating method – not all utensils and accessories can be used indiscriminately. For example – when using microwave function – always remember to take away rack and baking tray, plus never use utensils made out of metal. We have to be conscious of the type of material utensils are made of before operating the oven.
  • Capacity – At 26L, it can well handle ingredient such as chicken to up to 2 kg or bake a 22cm pound cake. However for serious baker who would want to bake very frequently and use Healsio as oven replacement, the bigger unit-AX1600VMR – 31L might be a better choice.

Sharp Steam Oven


  • Anti-bacterial water tank – Always use room temperature water suitable for drinking (filtered) in the water tank and pour any excess water at the end of each day. Do not use any other liquids like distilled water, R.O water, mineral water and others. Only Superheated Steam and Steam functions require water.
  • Read the manual before operating and refer as and when needed to fully comprehend how each function works and maximize the uses of this oven.
  • Other useful functions – Child Lock (oven can be set so that the control panel is deactivated and locked), Steam clean, Descaling, Water Hardness, Drain function (to evaporate remaining water in the steam generator).
  • Ventilate the room/kitchen where the oven operates to allow steam to dissipate and never block the ventilation opening found on top of the oven.

Sharp Steam Oven

Sharp Healsio steam oven retails at RM 2999 and is available at major electrical appliance shops.

You can get more info at:

Sharp Steam Oven
Sharp Healsio main selling point is the super-heated steam technology/low oxygen environment it developed which can reduces unwanted calories and reduces salt intake whilst preserved the ‘natural deliciousness’ of food.

With this 4-in-1 combo oven, we can do away with the need to buy 4 different appliances and settle for Sharp Healsio. Hence we find that it can well justify the retail price of RM2,999 if you do not already have a microwave, built in oven and steamer at home.

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