PRODUCT REVIEW: Philips Soymilk Maker

My family drank a lot of soymilk. We had an industrial machine at home where my father used to make litres of soymilk weekly. It was more economical for a family of six.

Though it was many years ago, I still remember it involved a lot of work and is time-consuming. That is why I never thought about making it at home. Naturally, I was thrilled to know Philips made a soymilk maker machine which promises fresh soymilk in 25 minutes. I’ve used it for about 5 times and here’s a thorough analysis of the machine and its function.

soya bean milk


  • Soymilk maker machine with detachable cord
  • Sieve A domed sift designed for effective sifting.
  • Manual with instruction and recipes
  • Recipe cards with includes healthy dessert like 5 grain soy milk, lotus seed-peanut cereal, banana milkshake and sweet corn juice.



Besides soymilk, it can make a variety of health drinks and dessert like five grains soymilk, rice paste i.e chinese dessert like green bean soup and fruit/vege drink.

green bean soup

This machine is rather straightforward, with only three buttons: SELECT, START and EASY CLEAN. First select what type of drink you like to make. Put ingredients into the machine and click ‘Start’. The machine will blend and cook grains. When it’s done, it will beep six times and will naturally keep the drinks warm. You will need to sieve the drink. To have the machine wash it by itself, click ‘Easy Clean’.

Philips Soymilk Maker

  • Fast It makes about a litre of soymilk and other dessert in 25 minutes.
  • Easy It’s easy to use. This machine doesn’t come with complicated buttons and the cover had clear instructions. It’s something quite intuitive, you don’t need to read the manual to operate it (though it is a must).
  • Economical Getting good source of calcium at a good price. A packet of 1 litre milk cost about RM 6. About a litre of soya milk only cost a few cents.
  • Fresh No preservative. I did not store one of the bottle properly and it was spoiled the next day when I wanted to drink it. While many would think it’s not a plus point, we feel that it proves the milk is truly fresh and good for our body.

Philips Soymilk Maker



  • Cleaning Like all blenders, cleaning is a pain. Grains of soymilk will be stuck and need good scrubbing. However, its easy clean function does it a little better. Though, it’s no magic.
  • Sieve The sieve could have done a better job. For a smooth soya milk without residue, you will need to sieve it a few times. Otherwise, you can taste the grain. So I bought a cloth filter used in kopitiam to sieve coffee. Sieve it first with the one given by Philips  and then sieve it again with it the cloth filter.

Philips Soymilk Maker

  • Great care in cleaning This is a machine you cannot immerse in water. It will spoil. Philips warned you on the machine and when you’re opening the box. There’s two power outlet, one at the handle and another on the top of the machine connecting the body and the cover. Both cannot be wet. One must take great care when washing the machine.

Soymilk Maker Philips


  • Soaking beans To ensure product last longer, it is advisable to soak beans until it softens. Though at Philips cooking workshop, we’ve seen Chef Marina Mustafa blending unsoaked green beans.
  • Amount of soymilk The machine makes about 800 – 900 ml/ a little less than 4 cups.
  • Standard amount You can only make the standard amount of soymilk. Nothing less, nothing more.

Philips Soymilk Maker

I’ve made soymilk a few times using different recipes. I dislike the extra step of adding sugar at the end of it, so here’s a recipe we find easier and not too sweet (click for recipe). Check out other recipes provided by Philips at their user manual here.

soya bean milk

Philips offers two types of soymilk maker, one is bigger than another.

Soymilk Maker Philips

My neighbour had a soymilk machine which was spoiled and rusty after a few months of use. We are happy to note that the inner lining of both machine are is made of stainless steel and we have no problem so far. Do take note when you plan to buy one.

  1. Soyabean milk maker in MalaysiaDigilife Dover All stainless steel RM 238
  2. Joylife Automatic soymilk maker RM 449
  3. Takada Soyabean Maker RM 188

This soymilk retails for RM499 at major electrical stores.  You can also get the bigger unit from Lazada for a lower price, RM 449. When on promotion, it can be as low as RM 399.

You can get more info about this machine at Philips website. You can find product specification, recommended retailers and manuals.

Perfect for busy people who wants to consume healthier drinks but lacking skills and time to make them. If you’re seeking for alternative source of calcium other than cow’s milk, this would be a good product for you. It can make almond milk too.

soya bean milk

Are you considering buying this machine or have you already got one? Share with us how you like it or any recipes you’ve tried!

Disclosure: This machine is a courtesy of Philips. One unit is given to every media at their workshop.

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