PRODUCT REVIEW: Philips Chopper HR1398

Many Malaysian dishes take a long time as  ingredients such as onions, garlic and chillies are often minced or pounded. To reduce time spend in the kitchen, we are always in a lookout for good appliances. Although Tupperware’s Turbo Chopper is very useful, it cannot chop a large amount of ingredients.

Tupperware Malaysia Onion Chopper

We were searching for something that is as easy to assemble as the Turbo Chopper but with a bigger capacity. It leads us to Philip’s new chopper. We managed to loan the item for two weeks and gave the machine a test.

Philips Chopper HR1398

  • 1 unit of Phillips Chopper ( 3 main parts :Motor Unit, Lid & 1.5L Bowl which houses the upper and lower blade)
  • 1 User manual

This kitchen appliance chops up anything from meats, nuts, vegetables and herbs.

Philips Chopper HR1398

  1. Cut ingredients into smaller chunks and place them in the chopper bowl.
  2. Cover with the lid and place the motor unit in position before pressing on the push-down button.


  • Fast chopping with 4 blades – Most chopper comes only with two blades. This chopper has four which allow fast and even chopping. Onions are chopped into tiny pieces in mere seconds.
  • Large bowl – 1.5L bowl is big enough to be used to make bigger batch of sauces, dips and even soup. Useable volume is approximately 1.25L or 5 cups.
  • Easy to clean – The design of the chopper is uncomplicated. It is without a lot of crevices and parts, hence it is very easy to clean. Just wash with soap water or place it in the dishwasher.

Philips Chopper HR1398

  • Press-down button – While the press down button is easy to operate, it requires us to be there to chop the ingredients. Unlike regular blender or food processor which can operate on its own, we need to push the button at all time.
  • Hot ingredients – The chopper bowl can hold hot ingredients up to 80 degree Celcius. Hence if we want to use this chopper to puree vegetable soup, it’s better to leave the ingredient to cool a little before processing. A glass bowl would solve this problem, however we also appreciate that plastic is lighter, durable and easier to manage.

Philips Chopper HR1398

  • Optimum processing – Cutting large ingredients into smaller pieces before processing in the chopper will ensure optimum processing.
  • Do not over chop– The chopper’s manual provided a table on how long each type of ingredient should be processed for example 100 g of onions should be chopped for 2 to 3 seconds, 400 g of meat for 10 seconds. It’s actually good sense to follow it since we tend to over chop as pressing the press down button is just too easy. Our attempt to chop onions turned into pulp as we pressed it for longer than recommended.
  • Pungent ingredients – Certain ingredients leave a strong smell in the within the bowl such as onions, garlic and turmeric. The website provides tips on this to use hot water & detergent to clean blade and bowl immediately after use.

Philips Chopper HR1398

Major electrical appliance shops. The chopper is retail at RM 209.

You can get more info at:

The powerful double blade makes chopping and mincing ingredient so fast and effortless than cooking time consuming recipe so much more pleasant. If you often need to make sambal or minced a big amount of ingredients, this is definitely something you don’t mind taking up space in your kitchen cabinet. However, this chopper is not meant to be a replacement for a food processor.

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