PRODUCT REVIEW: Optimum 9400 High-Speed Vortex Blender

I have quite a lot of machines in the kitchen. However, a powerful blender is not one of them. I’ve been contemplating to get one but it seems that a handblender is enough for my eating habits (which does not involve homemade nut milk and nut spread…yet). So when Froothie Malaysia asked if I’ll like to try their machine, I said yes. Here’s the result of a few weeks of testing the Optimum 9400 High-Speed Vortex Blender.



  • Blender Base
  • Jug with lid
  • Tamper tool
  • Nut milk bag
  • User’s manual
  • Recipe book

Optimum 9400 High-Speed Vortex Blender 4

This Vortex Blender blends smoothies, soups, marinades, dressings, sorbet, fruit juices and nut milks. It chops and slice ingredients, crush ice and grind hard food like nuts and grains quickly.

While most blender can blend food to make smoothies, soups and marinades; not all of them can blend harder solid (e.g ice and nuts) and surely cannot turn them into powder. That is the difference between regular blenders and Optimum 9400 High-Speed Vortex Blender (and other high performance blenders in the market).
Optimum 9400 High-Speed Vortex Blender 2

It’s like a regular blender. It has an ON/ OFF button, a dial to increase speed and a pulse button. This is how you assemble and use the machine:

  • Ensure blender power switch is in “OFF” position then check that speed dial is set to “1” lowest speed.
  • Start with liquid and softer ingredients and then slowly add solids.
  • Attach the lid and ensure jug is positioned correctly before switching “ON”
  • Always begin with speed “1” and gradually increase to “10” when making thick contents.
  • Remove lid plug and add ingredients while the blender is in operation. Use tamper tool to stir food during blending when necessary.

Optimum 9400 High-Speed Vortex Blender 3Optimum 9400 High-Speed Vortex Blender 1

There are plenty of interesting recipes in the cookbook provided. However, I chose some common recipes which you are more likely to make:
1. Smoothie
Naturally, this machine is great to make smoothie. Just add chop fruits, water and blend! The difference with this blender is it’s power. You don’t have to chop fruits into small chunks (though you do have to put softer fruits at the bottom). It can also blend frozen fruits; now thawing needed. I chopped whatever I have at home (oranges and apples), and made a smoothie within a minute.


2. Almond milk
This is perhaps my favourite. Since almond milk is so expensive, being able to make my own almond milk really tempt me to get this machine. You just need to soak a cup of almond overnight, blend it with 1 litre of water for 2 minutes and sift it through a nut milk bag provided. You don’t have to, but I like to boil it so that it last a few more days in the fridge.

Optimum 9400 High-Speed Vortex Blender 8


3. Sprouted green bean flour
If you make cakes, you can use this machine to turn beans and nuts into flour. If you blend it longer, it can produce a very fine powder similar to like baby powder. Green beauty aficionados may even want to use this as a facial scrub, and bakers can make flour from all kinds of grains or nuts to bake cakes or bread.

green bean flour
4. Cauliflower rice
Let’s not talk about how cauliflower can never replace the satisfaction of eating rice. However, this is really a simple and healthy recipe (that is if you do not think microwave is bad for you). All you need to do is blend cauliflower for a few seconds, dump into a microwave-safe plate and heat for 7 minutes. One day, I had this instead of rice because I don’t want to wait 30 minutes for a bowl of rice.

cauliflower rice


  • Easy to use – The machine is easy to put together and only have a few dials.
  • Ability to heat cool liquid without a stove – Running at high speed, friction creates heat and content can increase 4 degrees every 30 seconds. If you blend something long enough, it will turn warm. It means you can make warm soup without the need to cook over a stove (Though I still prefer slow-boiled soup).


  • Huge jug – The jug is big and can handle bigger servings of both hot and cold food.
  • Easy to clean – Simply rinse with warm soapy water and run on High for 10 to 60 seconds. Most food bits do get dislodged without much fuss.

Optimum 9400 High-Speed Vortex Blender 7

  • Long warranty – 5 years domestic use and 10 years ended warranty for RM325.
  • Hard copy Recipe Book  – The recipe book has more than 80 recipes.
  • Facebook page – They have a strong online community. If you want to be inspired to make different food with the machine, there are plenty of recipes and video instructions at

Optimum 9400 High-Speed Vortex Blender 6



  • Get ready some counter space for it – Optimum 9400 weights about 5 kg with jug attached, and stands at about 50cm in height. It is best placed on the kitchen counter with minimal movement. If you have multiple kitchen appliances and limited counter top space like I do, this may be a challenge.
  • Nut Milk Bag to filter nut milk or juices – The nut milk bag allow you to make nut milk or pure fruit juices. After blending nuts or fruits, pour it over the filter bag and squeeze all the liquid out, leaving the pump. I like this the bag is huge, making this step much easier than expected.

Optimum 9400 High-Speed Vortex Blender 5

  • Pay 10% more for an extended warranty – For an additional 10% of cost of machine, you can get extra 5 years warranty (on top of the basic 5 years warranty). If you plan to use this machine a lot, you might want to consider paying a little more and have yourself insured for 10 years.
  • Soak with water and vinegar solution –To clean the jug and get rid of any lingering odor, you can use water and vinegar to soak the jug for 12 to 24 hours.

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If you are health-conscious and want to make healthy food from scratch, this is a brilliant addition to your kitchen. Instead of buying cow’s milk and jam, you can make nut milk and nut spread in a matter of minutes. You can freeze chopped fruits and blend them immediately.

The online community which constantly shares new recipes hopefully encourages you to continue making healthy meals. The downside, however, is its hefty price tag of a whopping RM 3100. But if you invest in this machine, perhaps that you will use it extensively to get your money worth?

This is definitely one of my dream kitchen appliances.

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