PRODUCT REVIEW: Ferrano’s BlendExpress Personal Blender

You’ll probably seen some compact blenders which are designed to make smoothies or soups for one. Ferrano’s BlendExpress takes it one step further as it provides insulation sleeve to keep your drink cold or warm for a longer time. Upon being told the benefits of the machine, we agreed to test it. Here’s our finding:
Ferrano Blender 5- JewelPieFerrano Blender 4- JewelPie

Motor Unit with Blade Cap
400 ml bottle (with insulating sleeve & flip cap)
600 ml Bottle (with insulating sleeve & flip cap)
User Manual
Recipe Book
Warranty Card

Ferrano Personal Blender- JewelPie

Blend smoothies, fruits juice, tea drinks, milkshakes, soups, omelettes, dressings and marinades in a sports bottle.


  1. Fill Bottle with ingredients (as per recipe) & make sure that the content is below the Bottle’s “max level” mark.
  2. Screw the Blade Cap on the open end of the Bottle.
  3. Turn Bottle upside down & fit the Blade Cap in the Motor Unit, ensuring the three safety latches on the Bottle line up with their respective holes on the Motor Unit.
  4. Lock the Bottle by turning it clockwise.
  5. To blend, turn power dial to “On” or “Pulse” position.

ferrano blender 6- jewelpieferrano personal blender


  • Apple-Lemon Juice
  • Vanilla Coffee Milkshake
  • Hummus
  • Broccoli-Cheddar Soup

The Brocccoli-Cheddar Soup involves chopping broccoli into florets and then boiling it. Then, it’s blended with hot water, chicken stock, nutmeg, black pepper and cheese. We then cover the hot soup with insulated sleeve. If you don’t want to drink cold smoothie in the morning, we think this is a good replacement (Though we suggest using homemade chicken or vegetable stock).

broccoli cheddar soup


  • Comprehensive recipe booklet – I always like it when companies provides recipes booklet for their machines. It gives me new ideas of what I can make. Ferrano’s recipe booklet contains 40 recipes which  includes smoothies, fruits juice, tea drinks, milkshakes, soups, omelettes, dressings and marinades.
  • Easy to use – The personal blender is very easy use. Simply put ingredients in the bottle, put on the blade cap, plug it into the motor unit and turn the dial.
  • Compact and light weight – The machine is compact and light. It’s easy to carry and does not take up much space. I like the rubber feature at the bottom which ensure that the blender stay still while it blends.

ferrano recipe bookletferrano blender blade

  • Stylish – The machine is made stylishly and comes in three colours: black, red and white.
  • Safety feature – Having killed a blender from overuse and forked out a bit of money to get it fixed, I appreciate the ‘Thermal Motor Protection’ safety feature. It is made to protect the motor from overheating during heavy use. Though it might not be something that many people worry about, this feature gives me a peace of mind.
  • BPA-free Bottles in two sizes – I think it’s very smart of Ferrano to provide bottle size in two sizes: 400 ml and 600 ml. The smaller bottle is perfect for me as I’m not a big eater and prefer to carry compact things in my handbag.
  • Bottles with Insulating-sleeves- This is perhaps my favourite feature. Insulating sleeves are provided to keep drinks hot and cold for a longer time. The broccoli-cheddar soup we tried was slightly hot at the end of preparation, after 3 hours the soup was still warm.

Ferrano Blender 3- JewelPieFerrano Blender 2- JewelPie


  • Avoid blending hot liquid – The user manual advised against blending hot liquid. That’s probably because the bottle is made of plastic. Though some of the soup recipes do call for a small amount of hot liquid, it turned out slightly hot but not too hot to touch.
  • Not microwave-safe – We did not see that the product is microwave-safe, hence we assume that it is not.
  • Add enough water – When blending hard or frozen ingredients, always add enough water to achieve a smoother consistency. We’ve tried the hummus recipe and find it slightly hard to blend; adding more liquid help to loosen the mixture.
  • Get a cleaning brush – If you use the blender for food that requires oil such as hummus and mayonnaise, get a cleaning brush. A regular sponge is hard to reach to every corner for the bottle to effectively dislodge oil.
  • Get extra bottles – The key feature of Ferrano’s Personal Blender is that you can carry blend smoothie and other drinks and carry it out of the house. If you have more people at home, you can buy extra sports bottle from the website. An additional 600ml bottle is priced at RM52.

ferrano blender jewelpie

Ferrano Personal Blender is sold for RM 219 at departmental stores such as Jusco.

You can get more info at

We like the idea of blending smoothie and soup in the morning and taking it along to school or office. This machine is recommended for busy people who are always on-the-go and aspire to eat more fruits and vegetable.

Note: The machine was delivered to us for consideration.

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