PRODUCT REVIEW: Electrolux Ergorapido vacuum cleaner

We tested Electrolux’ Ergorapido vacuum cleaner on a 2000 sqft marble, tiles and wooden flooring for two weeks. It’s a spacious, two-floors house with a pet. We then tested it again at a smaller, 1100 square feet apartment.

Electrolux ergorapido


  • 1 Charging Station
  • 1 Ergorapido vacuum cleaner
  • 1 Crevice nozzle
  • 1 User manual



  • Type of Vacuum: Handheld & Stick Vacuum
  • Dimension: 44.75″ x 13.5″ x 12.5″
  • Weight :2.4kg
  • Dustbin: Bagless / 2 filters
  • Motor: 12V
  • Use Time: 20 minutes (normal speed)/ 10 minutes (high-speed)
  • Battery : NiMH
  • No of Speeds: 2

ELECTROLUX ergorapido vacuum clear review2


  1. Set up charging station on a stable and horizontal surface away from heat source, direct sunlight and wet places.
  2. When Ergorapido is fully charged, simply choose between two speeds, low or high and start cleaning.
  3. Remove the hand unit by pressing the release button when using it to clean upholstery.

ELECTROLUX ergorapido vacuum clear review1


  • 2-in1 cleaning– This stick vacuum comes with a pop out hand-held unit which is perfect for tidying up the couch/car seat or any upholstery.
  • Bagless dust bin with 2 filter system – Dustbin is fitted with 2 filter systems – a fine plastic mesh and removable cone fitted with HEPA filtration material that traps harmful dust particles and emptying the bin was a breeze.
  • Cordless & Light weight – This cordless vacuum does a great job getting up all little mess on the floor without the hassle of dragging a cord from room to room when using a canister vacuum. It weights barely 2.4kg and hence can be easily carried upstairs.

ELECTROLUX ergorapido vacuum clear review4

  • Easy to maneuver & LED headlight – Clean under and around anything with patented 180-degree swivel power head and the LED headlight illuminate cleaning path and dark corner.
  • Design & Self-standing – Slick ergonomic stick that does not that up much space and fit nicely in one corner of the house/room.
  • 2 speeds – We can choose between 2 speeds, low or high. Low speed gives us 20 minutes of cleaning at full charge and 10 minutes on high speed.
  • BRUSHROLLCLEANTM Technology – a function that helps to keep brush roll free from hair and fibers.

ELECTROLUX ergorapido vacuum clear review7


  • Long charging time and short usage time– To get a full charge, 16 hours of charging time is required. But our attempt to charge it for 4 hours manages to get us a good 5 minutes of cleaning on low-speed.

ELECTROLUX ergorapido vacuum clear review8


  • The battery runs out about 20 minutes (on normal speed) or 10 minutes (on high-speed) and typically takes 16 hours for a full charge.
  • If we choose to use the high-speed mode, it will only allow 10 minutes of cleaning. High speed mode gives us better suction power and its best use for those 10-15 seconds cleaning of concentrated dirt.
  • We find that cleaning out the bin after a few cleaning session will result in better suction power.
  • Do bear in mind that a stick vacuum is not a substitute to the conventional canister vacuum which usually last longer and has better suction power. This stick vacuum is an additional aide meant for light and quick cleaning.

ELECTROLUX ergorapido vacuum clear review3

Major electrical stores around Malaysia.

If you have a pet at home which sheds hair all the time, having this handy vacuum beats using the conventional broom or the bulky canister vacuum.  It’s also a nice cleaning aide for those living in dorm rooms and small studio apartments.

DISCLOSURE: This product was received for considerations by Electrolux. 

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