ORGANISE YOUR ENTRYWAY: Label things to give & return

Helped your friend bought something but forgot to bring it along when you finally see her? Search all over the house for that little something that your sister left at your home a week ago? It happened to us more than a few times. So, to avoid frustration for searching for things and disappointing people, we decided to organise our entryway.Organise

We allocate a space to put all the things that we want to giveaway. It should be at the entryway; when you are heading out you will see all the things you might need to take with you. They should be kept in paper bags and labelled with the receiver’s name. So, when you are going out to meet Patricia for lunch, it is easy to identify the particular package for her. All you need to do then is grab it and go!



> Wooden pegs
> Pen
> Notebook
> Box
> Paper/plastic bags

TUTORIAL: How to organise your entry way


STEP 1: Allocate a space
Allocate a space near the entryway to store the things. It should be a place you will pass by when you’re going out, preferably somewhere visible.


STEP 2: Gather materials
Put pegs, pen and a notebook in a box. Also, keep used shopping bags nearby. You are more likely to label and store things, if you don’t have to go out of the way to do it.

STEP 3: Label
Write the receiver’s name on a piece of paper and clip it to a bag. You probably don’t have to do it often as you normally give or return things to a few people closest to you.


We find that we often have things to give to our family and friends. For example, Amma mentioned about replacing table salt with something better. So while doing grocery shopping, we bought a packet of Himalayan pink salt for her. This small organisation project made a huge difference to our life.


Do you often have things to give to family and friends?

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