Online Shopping: 12 red fashion items for Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year will be here in a few days time and you haven’t bought anything decent? Perhaps it’s not too late to do some online shopping!

Traditionally cheongsam
If you don’t have any traditional clothing, perhaps it’s time expand your wardrobe with a cheongsam as red as firecrackers.

cny dressINNER CIRCLE,  RM185.00 | ICE DRESSME,  RM239.90 | ML x AC, RM228.00


Traditional Look With A Twist
Don’t fancy wearing traditional cheongsam? Pick a top, a dress or even a baju kurung with Oriental designs.


Different CNYML x AC,  RM268.00 | ML x AC,  RM188.00 | ML x AC,  RM328.00

Red Heels
Red is not your colour? You can wear the auspicious colour on your feet instead.

heels cnyKISS & TELL <3 FV,  RM189.00 | GLAMROCKCHIC,  RM525.00 | CHRISTY NG,  RM220.00

Red Bags
Keep red angpao in equally red bags.

hbags cnySAKURA MALAYSIA, RM179 | ALFIO RALDO,  RM 139.93 | BEBE,  RM 199.50

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