Nigella Lawson’s Italian Food App: Nigellissima

Nigella’s Lawson  free-spirit in the kitchen inspires us. She cooks like there are no rules in the kitchen and teach like she’s telling a story. Her recipes are always easy yet decadent (a lot of butter, chocolate and cream are usually involved).


Naturally we got Nigellissima, a taster app for her Italian cookbook of the same name. The app is fun and filled with beautiful photos of easy-to-make Italian food. Here are our favourite features:

1. Must-have ingredients for an Italian fare
Nigella shares how she brings Italy into the kitchen with ingredients like dried red chillies, liquorice and fusilli lunghi. Don’t know what liquorice is? Lightly tap on the spinning box of liquorice and Nigella will enlighten you.


2. A list of Nigella’s favourite Italian food
Nigella shares 13 recipes from her new cook book, Nigellissima. It includes food like Mini macaroni cheese all’italiana, Italian apple pie and spaghetti with tuna, lemon and rocket.



3. Recipes and instructions
We adore how the recipes are presented. One tap shows a beautiful photo of the finished dish and a few swipes reveals the recipe. Our favourite is this vanilla mousse which Nigella might describe as ’embarassing easy’.



4. Email ingredients
If you want to try any of the recipes, you could send the list of ingredients to your email. It might be handy when you do your grocery shopping.Nigellisima6-JewelPie

5. Nigella talks about Italian food
You can find an interactive interview where Nigella, in her usual coy manner, reveals her passion in Italian food. We share the same sentiment on the importance of creating quick food at home. When it comes to food, we’re all about instant gratification.Nigellissima8-JewelPie

Now we’re so tempted to purchase Nigella’s Quick Collection. It has over 100 recipes to create quick, simple and delicious meals in just six steps of less. It sounds like something we always do!

What’s your favourite food app? Drop us a comment or let us know on Facebook!

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