MOTHER’S DAY GIFT GUIDE: for a healthy & beautiful Mama

Everyday is mother’s day. But we’re so caught up with other commitment that often times we forgot to show how much we care. If show love through gifts and actions, hare are some we’ve found. We think the best gift for mother’s are those which promote their health and natural beauty.

JewelPie- Mother's Day

1. Panasonic Compact Steamer
This steamer expel nano-sized ionic steam particles moisturize and cleanse skin deeply. It’ll help keep mama’s skin soft and dewy.

2. Ogawa Mini Massager
Great for mama’s who complain about neck and back pain. With this battery-operated and small machine, mama can have a massage anytime, anywhere.

3. OSIM Uphoria foot massager
Does your mama enjoy foot massage? This machine is made to mimic foot reflexology massage. It targets vital meridian points on the legs to promote positive energy flow, for better health and overall well-being.

4. Justlife’s Kitchen Essential Gift Set
This set contains Chinese traditional kitchen essentials: bamboo charcoal, organic rice, organic oil, organic salt, organic soy sauce, organic vinegar and organic tea. Great for mama who enjoy cooking healthy food.

5.Massage gym ball, Lazada
Help Mama increase flexibility, improve coordination and develop strength. The ball is covered in soft nodes that comfortably massage you she rolls on the ball.


JewelPie- Mother's Day


6. Tanamera Weekend Wellness Kit
Give mama a spa treatment at home Tanamera’s weekend wellness kit. It’s filled with spa goodies for a relaxing weekend.

7. BRAND’s  InnerShine® Berry Essence with Grape Seed Extract
A drinks that is made to strengthen skins collagen to keep it firm and combat free radical damage. It can help mama’s body and keep her skin looking young.

8. All-natural skincare set, Kindersoaps
This gift basket contains a handmade soap made from goat’s milk and fragrant patchouli essential oil; moisturiser made from natural oils like jojoba, macadamia and tamanu; and an all-purpose balm. Perfect for mama with sensitive skin.

9. Melvita’s Organic Hands Set
Pamper mama’s hardworking hands with a set of hand cream. It contains argan Geranium Roll-On, Apicosma Rich Hand Cream, Rose Hand Cream, Mini Youthful Day Cream and a Pink Bag

How are you going to surprise your mother this Sunday?

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