MOTHER’S DAY: 15 Artisanal Gifts For Every Budget!



Mother’s Day is around the corner and one of the best ways to show appreciation to your loving mom is by gifting her something that is also made out of pure love a.k.a. artisanal and handmade! These are the locally made artisanal gifts which we think would be great for your mommy dearest and suits every budget:

1. Earth Care Soaps Mommy & Me, RM40 (Mini Pack) and RM100 (Mega Pack)
For the mini pack, each gift set comprises of a Limited Edition Caribbean Dreams (Avocado Papaya) soap, a body balm (Bugbusters / Superdry Remedy / Feet For A Queen), a lip balm of your choice, and a soap saver bag; all packed in a cute gift bag. For the mega pack, each gift set comprises of a Limited Edition Caribbean Dreams (Avocado Papaya) soap, a 100g full bar soap of your choice, a body balm (Bugbusters / Superdry Remedy / Feet For A Queen), a Bye Bye Lines balm, a lip balm of your choice, a body scrub of your choice, a soap saver bag, and a Limited Edition collectible cupcake tin box.


2. Sarang Craft by Abby Custom-made Pillows, RM44/set
Give mom a colourful dose of snooze by customising your own pillow and choose any fabric of your liking (or what your mom might like).


3. Nala Design TED Kettle RM90, TED Kettle Bowl RM12/cup
These could serve your mom well when she has her friends over for a mahjong session and the likes.


4. Dancing Chillies Simply Sambalicious Assorted Flavour, RM25/jar
If your mom’s a foodie, surprise her with these exotic creations of delectable hotness; also available at selected artisanal groceries.


5. Bisou Bon Bon Handcrafted bath & body care
Pamper your mom with DIY spa treatment at home with these products!


(L) Lavender Body Scrub, RM32 | (R) Detox Clay Mask, RM45 

6. Vintage 1988 Mother’s Day Vintage Eternity Box, RM109
The box contains a grateful ‘Bottle of Eternity’ (scented dried wildflowers that do not need care and can be used like a diffuser), a pair of bronze earrings, a piece of bronze-made charm bracelet (adjustable length on your own), a long feminine necklace and a greeting card. Each box delivered will be bubble-wrapped with layers of packaging.


7. Saffron and Rose Argan Oil Anti-Aging & Healing Moisturiser, RM120/50ml
Think your mom’s a bit vain? Delight her with this youthful ‘magic potion’.


8. Nala Design Baise En Ville Reversible Bag, RM299
Let mom go grocery shopping in style with these fashionable and reversible bags!


9. My Apparel Zoo Shopping Gift Cards worth RM100, RM150 and RM200
Send mom for a shopping spree and let her shop till she drops.


10. Frankitas Fashion Accessories, price unavailable
If your mom is a classy lady and an old-fashioned at heart, gift her fashion accessories made from the traditional songket with a modern twist in design!


11. Indian Ocean by Shailly Hand-painted Clutches, price unavailable
Mom’s an art lover? Why not have the best of both worlds by gifting her a clutch AND a personalised painting?


12. Whimsical Lane Thank You Cards, RM10 each
When you’re short on cash and are a minimalist, just pour your heart out and let your mom know how much you appreciate her sacrifices by writing them all down on these cards.


13. Hullaballu Handmade Jewellery, price unavailable
These colourful jewellery are perfect for moms who love to make a fashion statement.


14. Snackfood Hiding From Angry Mother by Dianne Tahir Card, RM15
Did you make your mom angry and have yet to reconcile? Now’s the perfect time to do so and thank her for everything.


15. Azooi Custom-made Clutches, price vary
If your mom’s a bit fussy and prefers something that no one else has, customise your own clutch.


(L) Iris Clutch, RM850 | (R) Bird Clutch, RM980


Mother’s Day falls on May 10, 2015. What kind of gift would you get?

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