Mocktail at home: Virgin Mojito (5 ingredients)

Sweet And Simple One of our favourite cocktail is virgin mojito. The combination of sweet sugar, fragrant mint, tangy lime is not only refreshing; we’ve always like how beautiful it looks.Virgin Mojito -JewelPie

While we were thinking about what delicious drink we can offer for the next party at home, we thought why not virgin mojito? We were please to find that it is incredibly easy to make.

virgin mojito - JewelPie

A shaker and muddler are not necessary. You need only 5 ingredients that are easy to buy off the shelf. Here’s a recipe from Food and Wine magazine.

Virgin Mojito-JewelPie
serves 2
> Mint leaves x about 14 pieces
> Lime, washed thoroughly x 2
> Raw sugar x 2 teaspoon
> Ice, crushed
> Ginger ale, chilled x 1 can

HOW-TO: (A step-by-step photo tutorial)Virgin Mojito-JewelPie
1. Break mint leaves with hands. For more flavour, break them into small pieces.
2. Add lime slices
3. Add a teaspoon of sugar
4. Muddle it with a fork to bring out the flavour of mints and lime.
5. Squeeze lime into the glass.
6. Add crushed ice.
7. Fill the glass with chilled ginger ale.

That’s instruction for a small glass of virgin mojito. This cocktail can be made according to your taste. We like it more sour, so we normally add more limes. If you like it sweet, just add more sugar.

virgin mojito - JewelPie

If you like, garnish the glass with a slice of lime, mint and a straw in contrasting colour like pink. We think it’s perfect to serve at a party with ladies and kids.

Virgin Mojito-JewelPie

Do you drink alcohol or do you prefer mocktails? Let us know so we know what recipes to come up with next!

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