Miranda Kerr’s morning exercise routine + yoga outfit

Miranda Kerr, ex-Victoria’s Secret angel, supermodel, mother, author and entrepreneur, seems to be able to do it all. I always like how she puts emphasis on living healthily. She drinks green smoothie, eats food according to her blood type (A+ if you are wondering) and practices yoga every morning. I am so excited to have found Miranda Kerr’s morning exercise routine via the Net-A-Porter Youtube channel. Watch and be inspired!

Miranda does a few rounds of Sun Salutations (surya namaskara) in the morning. If you don’t speak yoga, a sun salutation is simply a series of seamless yoga poses. It’s calming yet helps to invigorate the body.

Having practiced yoga for a few years (intermittently, unfortunately) I found the video a little too fast. So, here’s a breakdown of what she does:
Miranda Kerr Yoga Sun Salutations

1. Downward facing dog Miranda begins her yoga practice with a Downward Facing Dog to stretch her back and hamstring.

2. Mountain pose She them jumps to her hands to form the Mountain pose. She put her hands together to her heart.

3. Extended side angle She bends forward to touch the mat before easing into the extended side angle pose

4. Four Limbs Staff Pose + Upward Facing Dog Then, she transforms briefly into Four Limbs Staff pose and into Upward Facing Dog.

5. REPEAT with 1, 2, 3, 4 , 5 (With #3 facing the other side)

6. Triangle pose + Reverse Triangle + Warrior II She does Triangle pose at both Sides and then ease herself to Warrior II through these transitional poses: downward facing dog, staff pose and upward facing dog

7. Warrior II She formed the Mountain pose and seamlessly transform into Reverse Warrior II through transitional poses aforementioned.

8. Mountain pose + Deep breathing She ends her practice with the mountain pose and deep breathing.

Sounds to difficult? Maybe enroll yourself in a yoga school. If that’s out of question, just jump. Whaatt? Yes! Miranda jumps up and down every morning to get herself energised. You don’t need be a yogi to do that ;)

miranda kerr

 Screenshots from Net-A-Porter Video.

Aren’t you inspired to get on the yoga mat? Practice the ancient sport complete with Miranda’s Kerr yoga outfit.

miranda kerr yoga outfit

1. Grey cotton v-neck t-shirt UNIQLO RM 59.90
2. Black Jungle Cat Sports Bra NEUBODI RM 69.90
3. Jersey leggings H&M RM 39.90
4. 10 pair hair elastics H&M RM 7.90
5. Yoga Mat (with bag) LAZADA RM 59.90
6. Lip Smoothie Antioxidant Lip Colour CLINIQUE RM 70

Which fit celebrity do you have a crush on?

Image credit: Uniqlo, Neubodi, H&M, Lazada, Clinique, Net-A-porter

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