MERDEKA TEA PARTY: 3 healthy dips for Malaysian’s favorite snack

How are you going to celebrate Merdeka? Since we Malaysians pride ourselves for our delicious food, how about throwing a simple tea party at home?

We thought it’ll be fun to buy popular Malaysian snacks and dip them into some healthy homemade dips!

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All you need to go is the go the nearest stall selling local Malaysian dessert and bungkus (takeaway) all your favourite fried snacks. Our favourites are pisang gorengkeropok lekor and kerepek.

JewelPie: Merdeka Tea Party

At home, make two dipping sauce from scratch: guacamole and hummus. It takes less than 10 minutes to make both of them! Then, serve snacks with those sauces and honey.

JewelPie: Merdeka Tea Party
> Malaysian snacks (pisang goreng, ubi kayu, keropok lekor, kerepek, etc)
> Hummus
> Guacamole
> Honey

1. Guacamole
Pronounced as gwah-kuh-moh-lee, this sauce came from the Aztecs in Mexico. Some recipes includes tomato, onions, garlic and other seasoning. But we recommend you to the the traditional sauce, just plain old guacamole with sea salt and black pepper. (Recipe here)

JewelPie: Guacamole

2. Hummus
Hummus is a popular Arabic dip. It is traditionally made from chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic. We’ve made a simplified version using 5 ingredients and in 5 minutes. (Recipe here)
JewelPie: Hummus

3. Honey
Pisang goreng bermadu (fried banana with honey) is a common snack in Indonesia. Honey goes incredibly well with it.

JewelPie: Merdeka Tea Party
We’re so blessed to be in a country as beautiful as Malaysia.The friendly people, abundance of natural resources, myriads of culture and the incredible food makes our country a wonderful place. Let’s celebrate our Independence Day with food and gratitude.
JewelPie: Merdeka Tea Party
Selamat menyambut Hari Merdeka!

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