Merdeka Ombre Drink (3 Ingredients, 1 minute)

This drink is easy to make, fun and beautiful to serve on Merdeka party. It has all the colours on our beautiful jalur gemilang- red, yellow, white and blue!

Merdeka Ombre Drink

To create a layered drink, all three drinks must have different sugar content. The beverage with the highest sugar content( e.g cordial) should be at the bottom and end with a diet soda.

Merdeka Layered Drink

> 7UP free
> Ribena
> Tall glasses
> Ice-cubes
HOW-TO:Merdeka Ombre Drink

  1. Fill the glass with ice cubes.
  2. Pour Ribena into a glass. Make sure that the ice are still covering the Ribena.
  3. This is the important part: pour Gatorade over the ice-cubes very slowly. It will layers onto the Ribena.
  4. When you’re ready to serve, top each glass with diet 7up and a blue stirrer.

Merdeka Layered Drink


  • Beverage like yellow Gatorade and 7up Free is more easily available at supermarkets like Cold Storage.
  • Don’t pour too much Ribena; otherwise the drink will be too sweet and look brown instead of red.
  • A good ratio will be a 10: 70 : 20 of Ribena, Gatorade and 7up Free.
  • To have a beautiful ombre drink, gentle stir the drink to allow different beverages to mix.

How are you going  to celebrate Merdeka?

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