How to make aromatherapy candle from a mandarin orange

On the first day of Chinese New Year, we showed you how to peel an orange without ruining your manicure. Today, let us show you how you can turn your mandarin orange into a candle!Mandarin Orange Aromatherapy Candle

> The stem side of the orange will be the base of the candle
> Mandarin oranges, unlike regular oranges, has a lot of pith. The bottom pith acts like a wick of a candle

Mandarin Orange Aromatherapy Candle

> Mandarin orange
> Oil
> Matches
> Spoon
> Knife
> Essential oil (optional)

HOW-TOMandarin Orange Candle- Step by Step Instructions
(1) With a sharp knife, lightly make a ring around the orange (the stem should be the base). (2) Using your hands, peel of the top. It should come out easily. (3) With a spoon, gentle separate the orange from the peel. (4) Remove the flesh of the orange. Make sure not to remove too much of the pith (5). The pith connecting to the stem should remain. That should be the wick of candle. (6) There might be separated pith, manipulate them to form a single pith like regular candles (7)Pour some oil into it, leaving the tip of the pith exposed. (7). To lit, use a spoon to pour some oil onto the pithMandarin Orange Aromatherapy Candle

The longer the pith, the longer the candle will burn. It has a faint smell of orange peel. For greater aromatherapy effect, put a few drop of essential oil into it. Orange, petitgrain or neroli essential oil would be ideal as they are extracted from different parts of the orange tree.

Mandarin Orange Aromatherapy Candle

Do you still have mandarin oranges lying around? Try this! 

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