Making clear ice-cubes with boiled water?

We have plans to make herb and flower infused ice. We wanted to make clear enough to see-through. The glass-like clarity will allow whatever that’s embedded the ice-cube to be seen clearly.

We’ve seen on Pinterest that the secret to clear ice is boiled water (They look incredibly pretty in cocktails!). We’re not sure how true the claim is, so we thought we’ll do a quick experiment.



We use two ice-cube molds and filled one with filtered tap water and another with boiled water. We then put them into the freezer to freeze.

Clear ice using boiled water?

We’re quite disappointed to discover that the boiled ice-cube did not turned out crystal clear. They are not very different from the cubes made from tap water.

Clear ice using boiled water?

We’ve found out from wikipedia and Gizmodo that the secret to transparent ice lies in speed, not the source of content of the water. Ice will turn out clear if it freezes slowly.

From what we’ve learned at Gizmodo, getting crystal clear is at home is quite a lengthy and cumbersome process.

To ensure that the ice-cubes freeze slowly, ice-cube trays are placed inside an insulated cooler. It is then filled with water and put into the freezer. Check out a video here.

Clear ice using boiled water?

Clear ice using boiled water?

The clearest ice we've got

Making clear ice might be beautiful, but it’s not simple or speedy. We’re hoping that a simpler method exist and we’ll continue experimenting.

Have you succesfully made clear ice at home?

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