Make your own savoury seasoning! Ikan bilis powder recipe

Ikan bilis powder

My sister, during her growing years, made many trips to the dentist to get her baby teeth pull off. No, they were not loose or rotten. In fact, her teeth were too strong that the dentist had to extract them to accommodate her new, sprouting teeth. My mother credits the strength of my sister’s teeth on the ikan bilis powder sprinkled on her porridge (I was lucky I didn’t face the same ordeal; I secretly ate a lot of candies causing all my teeth to disappear before time…)

Ikan Bilis Powder

Even until now, ikan bilis powder brings fond childhood memories. Once, I announced to my family that I’ll make ikan bilis powder to flavour congee on busy days; they laughed and reminded me “You’re not a baby anymore!”. So I put the idea off until I read about DIY instant noodles. I needed to create a healthy, savoury flavouring. What can be better than high-calcium ikan bilis powder?


Ikan bilis, peeled x 2 cups / 100 g

Glass jar/ container


Rinse ikan bilis (anchovies). Do not do it too many times as we want to retain the saltiness of the ikan bilis for it to make a delicious seasoning (Preheat the oven to 180 degree Celcius at this time).ikan bilis powder by JewelPie 1

2. DRY
Dry them on a layer of paper towel to have excess water absorbed. I used a salad spinner to remove excess water. If you have time, you can air dry them.

ikan bilis powder by JewelPie 2

Spread ikan bilis evenly in a tray. Your oven should be hot already by now. Bake in the oven for about 10 minutes or until they turn light brown and crispy. As one oven vary from another, do check and ensure they are not over-baked/ burned. Mine turns out just right at 10 minutes mark. However, a little longer and they could be burned.

ikan bilis powder by JewelPie 3

Grind baked ikan bilis in a grinder/blender until they turn into powder. A powerful grinder will only take a few seconds to turn crispy ikan bilis into specks. You can also use a pestle and mortar, though it’ll take a longer time.ikan bilis powder 7

Store in a clean, dry and air-tight container in a cool and dry place. You can store it in a fridge or freezer; it’ll last longer.

ikan bilis powder by JewelPie 4


  • One baking tray that measures 13 x 14 in can accommodate 2 cups of peeled/halved ikan bilis (one layer).
  • If you don’t have aversion to microwave and you want to speed things up, you can do it in the microwave too. Or you have an airfryer, use it. These appliances will bake the ikan bilis in a few minutes (much faster than baking in an oven)
  • If you are busy, buy peeled ikan bilis. I never do otherwise. It takes too much time and patience to remove the innards. Normally, I would visit a seafood specialty store (My favourite is one in Kuantan where I go a few times a year) and pay a little more for those which are already cleaned

ikan bilis powder by JewelPie 8


  • I bought 500 g of peeled ikan bilis at RM 19.
  • Hence a bottle of ikan bilis powder made from 100 g of ikan bilis cost about RM 3.80.

ikan bilis powder jewelpie

Ikan bilis powder is very versatile. Think of it as a healthy seasoning or MSG/salt replacement. You can:

  • Season plain congee
  • Add into any soup
  • Add into stir-fry vegetables or seafood dishes
  • Make instant DIY instant noodles! (Recipe here)

JewelPie Instant Noodles by Sara Khong

So it looks like ikan bilis powder is not only good for babies, but for busy adults who try to eat better. Do try to make a bottle. It’s delicious, handy and good for your bones!

Have you made ikan bilis powder before?

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