DIY: Make your own Minion (3 ingredients, 1 min)


Minions in Despicable Me is highly popular right now. I love it too. But instead of queuing up at McDonalds weekly to get the entire collection of the yellow plastic toy, I made a huge cake of a minion at Chewies Delight. It’s a tedious process and something not many know or have time to do.


So I created a simple minion everyone can make at home. You will need three store-bought ingredients and a minute.

Make Your Own Minion

> Twiggies (vanilla flavour)
> Choki Choki chocolate stick
> Polo mint


JewelPie- Minion

  1. Slice Twiggies into half.
  2. Draw a line with Choki Choki across Twiggies as goggle strap.
  3. To make a google, stick Polo in the middle of the line. The wording on Polo mint should face inward.
  4. To create the eyeball, fill the hole of the Polo with Choki Choki. Draw mouth and hair with choki-choki.

There you have it: Stuart from Despicable Me!


You can make the rest of the minions too!


Will you make this? Who will it be for? Let us know below, on Facebook or Twitter.

photo credit: Chewies Delight

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