Ginger Ale Recipe (5 ingredients)

Sweet And SimpleTrying to make your family eat healthier but they cannot seem to give up their highly sweetened carbonated drinks? Why not make homemade ginger ale? It’s fizzy, healthy and easy to make. Yes, we promise that when you open the cover you can hear the fizz!

ginger ale

Carbonated drink is not a recent creation. In the olden days, people make fizzy drinks such as ginger ale and root beer at home. As ginger ale is fermented, it has natural probiotics which helps with digestion. It’s also a known home remedy for motion sickness, sooth coughs and sore throat.

homemade ginger ale

(makes 10 glasses)

> Ginger, washed and roughly chopped x 100 g
> Water x 2 litres
> Molasses x 1 1/2 cup
> Yeast x 1/4 tsp
> Lemon x  juice of 1 lemon
Plastic bottle

Step-by-step tutorial

ginger ale

  1. Blend ginger with a little water.
  2. Mix all all ingredients (molasses, yeast, lemon juice, water) into a pitcher.
  3. Transfer a mixture of blended ginger, yeast, lemon juice and the rest of 1.8 litre of water into a huge plastic bottle. Cover it tightly.
  4. Leave for 24 hours to ferment
  5. Sieve and transfer it into 2 separate plastic bottles.
  6. Keep refrigerated for 3 days before drinking.

ginger ale


  • To ensure that it is fizzy, seal the plastic bottle tightly and keep it in the fridge for at least three days.
  • Be careful not to shake the bottle too much. Otherwise, the fizz will flow out of the bottle uncontrollably.
  • To make it less alcoholic/kids-friendly, use 100 g of ginger and ferment for about 24 hours.
  • The longer it is fermented, the more alcoholic it gets.
  • To make more, double or triple the amount.

Ginger ale is a  great beverage to bring to a party. It’s a drink that both adults and kids like and, with a little foresight, incredibly quick to prepare.

Do you know of any natural probiotic or delicious drinks for a party? We’re dying to know!

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