Make wagyu steak for a special dinner (3 ingredients, 5 minutes)

Quick CookOn special occasions, we often visit good steak houses such as Angus House and Prime Steakhouse at Le Meredien. Along with starters, dessert and drinks, the meal normally costs a couple hundred of ringgit. It’s entirely possible to enjoy a good steak at home at more than half the price. We’ve spoken to the people at Jaya Grocer to find out how.

Wagyu Beef Steak

If you’re not a fabulous cook, you can still create great steak at home. All you need to do is buy the highest quality beef you can afford. We chose wagyu beef from Jaya Grocer which cost about RM90 for 200g of beef. Due to it’s inherent flavour, there is no need to mask the taste with any sauce. You would only need salt and pepper. That’s it!wagyu beef steak at Jaya Grocer The Intermark

Wagyu beef comes from cows which geneticallly produce intense marbling- fats that gives red meat an appearance like marble pattern (source: wikipedia).It also has a higher percentage of omega-3 and omega-6 (the good fats). Due to it’s marbling and quality, wagyu beef is more expensive than regular beef.

A piece of good wagyu beef is best enjoyed at medium well. When cooked, most marbling will be disappear which defeats the purpose of eating wagyu beef. For a regular Asian’s appetite, 200 g to 250 g is a good choice.

Wagyu Beef Steak At Jaya Grocer

> Wagyu beef
> Himalayan salt
> Black pepper

Note: If you use a cast iron grill pan or a non-stick pan, there’s no need to use oil as there are enough fats from the beef to cook.


  1. Heat the cast iron pan for about 20 to 30 seconds at medium heat. Put chilled wagyu steak on heated grilled pan and cook for 2 minutes.
  2. Flip to another side and cook for another 2 minutes.
  3. When the meat is almost ready, season it with some pepper and salt.
  4. Serve steak on a plate and garnish with balsamic vinegar and parsley sauce if you like.

Wagyu Beef Steak


  • At the restaurant, steaks are cooked on a fire grill. At home, it’s recommended to use cast iron grill pan. Cast iron is more expensive than aluminium. We’ve found them at House of Presentation. A simple research shows that places like IKEA do sell aluminum grill at a lower price.

grill pan from House Of Presentation

  • If you don’t have any grill pan or don’t intend to buy one, you can make it on a regular pan. In this case, you would need to use some oil to prevent burning the steak.
  • Use Himalayan salt if you can. Table salt will create a bitter aftertaste.
  • Never press the meat when cooking. You want to retain the juiciness of the steak.

wagyu steak

To complete the meal, try our rainbow roast vegetables, a bottle of wine and chocolate mousse for dessert.

wagyu steakIf you don’t trust your cooking skill and afraid of wasting such expensive beef, you can have it cooked for you for free with a purchase of a side dish at Fresco, Jaya Grocer. Currently, this service is available at Empire Shopping Mall and The Intermark.

Will you be cooking anything lavish this Valentine’s day?

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