Make a 2 minutes egg sandwich!

Quick CookMany of us automatically reach out to a packet of instant noodles when are hungry and lazy to cook. While it is nice to eat it once in a while (we love Maggi mee goreng!), having it as a go-to food when you want to eat immediately is not exactly a good habit. Well, you can make healthier food in the same amount of time: 2 minutes egg sandwich!

2 minutes egg sandwich


Most of use have bread and eggs at home at any time. Just fry an egg, put it on a slice of bread and flavour it with mayonnaise and tomato sauce. We have time ourselves when cooking this egg. At medium fire, each side of the egg takes a minute to cook. At the end of 2 minutes, your egg should look something like this:

2 Minutes Egg Sandwich

To make it fast and effortless, you will need a mini frying pan. We highly recommend getting one. It makes a perfectly round egg and useful to cook small portion of food e.g fried ikan bilis. Because of it’s size, it’s easy to use and wash. We know how important it is to know that cleaning up is quick an easy so not to succumb to that instant noodle in plastic cup.

2 minutes egg sandwich

Egg x 1
Bread x 2 slices
Tomato sauce

Mini frying pan
Spoon (to flip egg)


2 minutes egg sandwich

  1. Fry an egg in a mini frying pan on medium fire. Each side takes only a minute.
  2. Transfer egg from the pan directly onto a slice of bread.
  3. Squeeze tomato sauce and mayonnaise on the egg.
  4. Cover the egg with another slice of bread and enjoy your 2 minutes sandwich!

2 minutes egg sandwich

If you follow the instructions, it’ll take only 2 minutes to cook and 1 minute to wash up!

What do you normally eat when you’re hungry and lazy to cook?

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