Luxurious rose milk foot soak

Rose Milk Foot Soak

It happens sometimes: you keep the carton of milk in the pantry for too long and it expired. Don’t throw it away just yet! Make a  foot soak from it!

Rose Milk Foot Soak

Cleopatra’s most well known beauty secret is her milk bath.  Sour milk contains lactic acid which will make your skin soft and smooth. Take it from someone who seduced two greatest men existed.

Rose Milk Foot Soak

> Milk x 2 cups
> Rose bud (you can get it from the tea section of the super market or health/herbal stores) x a handful
> Hot water x 3 cups
>Water x 1.5 litres
> Basin


Rose Milk Foot Soak
(1) Sprinkle a  handful of rose buds into the basin and (2) pour hot water over it. Let it step for a minute. (3) Pour milk and (4) water into the basin. Test the temperature with the tip of your feet. (5) Soak for at least 20 minutes.

Rose Milk Foot Soak

We think this luxurious rose milk foot soak is best enjoyed with a glass of Ginger and Lemongrass tea.

Rose Milk Foot Soak  Rose Milk Foot Soak

Have you thrown expired milk away?

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