Lunar New Year gift ideas…for the health conscious

Lunar New Year is less than two weeks away and we are getting more and more invitations to open houses. So it’s time to think about what to bring along.

We’ve rounded up 5 gifts that go for the health-conscious host. Don’t forget to bring along mandarin oranges, a symbol of prosperity.
Lunar New Year Gift- JewelPie

1 Lo Hong Ka Cordyceps Essence (6 bottles), RM 48
2 Purple Cane Easy Brew Jasmine Set, RM 39.90
3 Eu Yan Sang Ginger Wine, RM 43.80
4 BMS Organic Organic Cranberry Juice, RM 38.80
5 JustLife Le Moulin Organic Fourre’s Choc Cookies RM 16.90

Any other gift ideas we’ve missed out? Let us know in the comment box below.

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