Lunar New Year Gift Ideas…for the foodie

Last week, we’ve recommended a few lunar new year gift for  the health-conscious. Today, we thought of a few gifts fit for a host who takes pleasure in food.

One of these gifts, along with a few mandarin oranges, is perfect to show our appreciation for the decadent Chinese dishes, hospitality and red packets we will be showered with.
lunar new year gift ideas (JewelPie)

1 GODIVA Gold Collection 8 pcs (RM 68)
The best of Belgian chocolate in a box

2 DELECTABLE BY SU Butter Buttons (RM 20)
Hand roasted cashew nut, lightly coated in caramelized sugar and sprinkles of sea salt flakes

3 JACOB CREEK (Cold Storage) Pinot Noir (RM 85)
This light to medium-bodied Pinot Noir displays black cherry and strawberry fruit flavours

4 LEVAIN Macaron, 10 pcs (RM 30)
Deliciously light, cheerfully coloured and flavourful macarons

5 COFFEE BEAN Ice-tea set (RM 78)
A pair of 15 oz. logo glasses, metal stirrers, and a recipe for delicious Iced Teas

For a more traditional flavour consider pork floss and bbq meat.lunar new year gift ideas...for foodies

6 WING HEONG Crispy pork floss, 500 g (RM 42.50)

7 OLOIYA Savoury Mince Chicken Dried Meat,  250 g (RM 22)
Juicy and tender slices of minced chicken are marinated with a special savoury sauce and grilled to perfection

8 OLOIYA Bacon Slice/Blooming Beauty Ham, 500 g (RM 67.50)
A long, thinly sliced bacon ham, marinated with a delicious sauce and grilled to give it a bit of a crunch.

Besides mandarin oranges, what do you normally bring to lunar new year open house?

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