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  1. The Ultimate Guide To 11 DIY Investments In Malaysia (Mr.Stingy) I’m now looking to invest my money and educating myself with this comprehensive article written. It’s something that I want to refer to again, so I’m sure you would find it useful too.
  2. The FIRE Movement – How To Retire Early (MoneyUnder30) – Recently I was invited to Facebook FI/RE Community and this article posted by a member caught my attention. I am now a sucker for anything ‘FIRE’ related. I like how the article is kept simple and there’s a reminder not to get too extreme.
  3. How To Gain Free Time & Be More Productive (Tofugu) – While researching on how to self-learn Japanese more effectively, I found this gem from Tofugu. Whatever you want to do, time is always the enemy. I love how systematic and sustainable the approach is. I have a lot of these habits already e.g time blocking. But this one has doubly more time-saving tips. I am truly impressed and plan to adopt the other methods eventually.
  4. It’s Not Entertaining. It’s Having People Over (New York Times) – A dear friend who always have me over her place sent this to me. While it seems like a lot of effort to have people over, it is not if we lower our expectation on how ‘perfect’ the party should be. I love this line paragraph: “I have always been allergic to the word “entertaining,” which to me implies there’s a show…But having people over? Well, that’s just making dinner, but with more people. Unfussy food, unfussy vibes and the permission to be imperfect…”
  5. Young Singaporean Couple Quite The Rat Race To Travel The World (Youtube) – Recently I’ve been fascinated with the concept of living in a van instead of a home. While I thought Asians will never do that, I found Martin and Jacinda doing just that! 
  6. The Denim Edit (Rue Rodier) – Since I’m trying to reduce my shopping and create a minimalist wardrobe, I’ve found a few French-style fashion muse. Here’s one and it’s about jeans (I am looking for the perfect pair that would be a permanent staple in my wardrobe).
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