Alternative uses of apple corer

At JewelPie, we believe in making full use of tools to make life easier. We like smart solution to everyday chores. lifehack-kitchen-applecorer-jewelpie

This time, we’ve discovered other uses of an apple corer and slicer.

Technically, any fruit that has seeds in the middle and need coring can benefit from an apple corer/slicer. Pear is one of them.applecorer-pear-JewelPie

This work exceptionally well! It saved our eyes from a lot of unnecessary tears. The onions come out in thin wedges which are perfect for stir-fry vegetables.

The idea is that the apple slicer will create wedges of potatoes which are uniform in size. That will ensure that fried or baked potato wedges will be cooked at the same time. However, we found it a little difficult to slice probably due to its hardness.


The apple slicer might be blunt from a lot of cutting. Instead of throwing it away, we saved it by sharpening it with our prized Zwilling knife sharpener.Lifehack-applecorer-sharpen-JewelPie

Do you have any smart solution when you work in the kitchen? Share with us below!

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