3 unexpected but useful things to keep in your wallet

Besides cash and cards, we keep a few other important things in our wallet. They are small enough to fit regular-sized wallet and are extremely useful in our everyday life.

JewelPie: swiss army knife
Why do we keep them in a wallet? Like any modern women, we have more than a few bags that they change regularly. Keeping them in wallet will ensure that we’ll always have them when we need it; nobody go out without cash nowadays.

JewelPie: wallet

1. Plaster
You don’t know when you or someone will get hurt- a paper cut or a scratch from nowhere. When it happens, it’s always appreciated to have something to make the wound better. So far, we’ve given away quite a few plasters to family and friends.

We particularly like plaster with cute prints. It somehow makes the pain a little better…

JewelPie: Plaster

2. Swiss army knife
Multi-tool knife is an extremely useful gadget to have at all times. Don’t look down on the advantages of keeping scissors, blade and screw driver all the the time.

We’ve used it many times during little emergency: cut broken nails that will otherwise get ripped naturally, open up presents that are wrapped too well with sticky cellophane tape, fixed loose screw on furnitures with and cutting those annoying plastic which cannot be teared easily.

These simple tools from Multitools.com.my a would be great to keep in your wallet.

JewelPie: swiss army knife

3. Flash drive
We always need to save a digital document for work or get that song from a friend. How many times have you wait till the next time for it? Having a simple thing such as a thumb drive with your all the time will make your life more productive and fulfilling.

We used to keep a rather bulky thumb drive in our wallet. Now it’s replaced with a flat and compact one like these from Lazada:

JewelPie: Flash drive

At JewelPie, we promote a simple and beautiful living. One of the component of that is to be always prepared. We’ve been keeping these things in our wallet for years and they have served us well in many occasions. It might work for you too.

Do you keep anything extraordinary in your wallet?

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