Last minute lunar new year shopping: mandarin oranges

Lunar new year is just three days away and you’ve not finish shopping? One thing must not be lacking: mandarin oranges. Mandarin oranges symbolise luck and prosperity. Nobody would mind these in abundance! There’s a variety of mandarin oranges to choose from at MBG. If you didn’t have time to get any gift for the upcoming open houses, presenting these well-packaged mandarins will do the trick.

Mandarin Oranges Set from MBG- JewelPie

(1) Lokam (18 pcs, L Size) RM59.80, (2) Lokam (24 pcs, L Size) RM19.80, (3) Honey Ponkan (20 pcs, XL Size) RM29.80, (4) Lokam (15 pcs, L Size) RM36.80, (5) MBG Lokam (20 pcs, L size) RM 19.90, (6) Lokam (24 pcs, Size XL) RM 16.80

Do you celebrate lunar new year? Have you bought mandarin oranges?

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