5 best apps to keep your shopping list

How many times have we forgotten to buy something from the supermarket and having to make another trip just to get a few things? Since we never go out without our phone, why not keep our shopping list our smart phone?

When shopping, simply refer to the list and strike off things you’ve bought. We have tried and tested over 15 of the top apps and reduced to five of our favorites.

1. SIMPLE GROCERY LIST by Route 1 Software
If you’re not particularly technology-savvy, this would be the perfect app for you. It is straightforward and easy to use. Simple click the add button (+) and type the items you want to buy. When you’ve gotten the items, lightly tap the tick box. Like many apps, you can add quantity of each item and see remaining items you haven’t bought. Add a few shopping list so you can pick one according to location e.g Grocery list, Pharmacy, Shopping Mall, etc.

Verdict: Simple and nice. Perfect for those who just want a simple shopping list as a reminder.



2. PAPERLESS: Lists + Checklists by Crush Apps
This app is more advanced, yet still user-friendly. Besides groceries, you can also key in other to-do list. E.g In “Today” remind yourself to to head to the supermarket or submit a report to your boss.

Our favorite feature in this application is that you can forward your shopping list via email. If you can’t make it to the supermarket, you can email it to someone else (husband, housemate or mother) to get them for you.

Verdict: Typical daily dairy in an app. Made for super organised people who like lists and to-dos.



by Appogeum.com Limited
If you like to keep close track of your accounts, this one is for you. This app will automatically count the overall bill for you if you insert the price and quantity of each items. You will know how much your groceries is going to cost you even before you go.

Once you ticked off the items as you shop, it will tell you your shopping progress in terms of percentage e.g 50% done. Despite the details, we like how it is still user-friendly and has a simple layout. Our only complain is that it is without a database or auto-complete, so you will have to key in each item one by one.

Verdict: For the accountant and geeks who like to keep track of numbers, time and progress.



4. SHOPPING LIST by hensoft

This is the most complete app compared to the rest. If you like to create a very detail shopping list- including the quantity, price and even photos – this is the app for you. It is divided into two list: prepare and shop. We like how we can easily add and reduce quantity.

With a very detail database of products, you don’t have to key in something one by one. Arranging the items by categories is possible, so when you’re in the Dairy section you know you can get yoghurt and butter spread.

The list can also be emailed and it will also do a complete calculation for you. The only downside is that with all the details, this app is not as sleek-looking like the rest.

Verdict: For the tech-savvy, super busy and OCD. If you like details and have everything under control, you  would enjoy this.

5. TAP GROCERIES by TapMedia Ltd
The difference with this app is that it divides groceries into aisles like ‘Seafood’ and ‘Snacks & Sweets’. The benefit of this is that you can grab everything you need at one aisle. It also allows you to add different categories.

It has other common features like sending shopping list via email, insert quantity and view remaining items you haven’t bought. However, it does not allow you to insert the price of the item.

Verdict: For the organized and busy shopper who shops systematically and quickly.


Which is  your favorite grocery apps? Do you have a better apps to share?

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