JewelPie’s best of September

At JewelPie, we’re constantly trying to do more in less time. We are actively looking for products and find ways that will help make living at home easier and healthier. Here are some of our favourite ideas this month:

1. Yonanas: the healthy ice-cream maker
This machine is rather new in the market. It churns out banana ice-cream in 3 minutes. We’ve been using it very often at house parties and wrote a review about it. Find out whether you should get one too.Yonanas

2. 10 beautiful alternatives to birthday cakes
We were throwing a party for a lady who doesn’t like cakes. So we looked up for some other cake replacements that still allow us to put a candle on it.

birthday cake alternative

3. Make cocktail at home: Screwdriver
At JewelPie, we’re building a mini bar! We start with making a simple cocktail which requires only two ingredients!


4. How to make Burger Lab’s awesome fries at home
We’ve gotten the recipe to make great fries at home from the people at Burger Lab at Seapark. If you haven’t try their burgers already, you should. And if you fall in love with their fries and burgers like we do, try to make them at home. Check out this recipe and stay tune for more!Malaysia Burger Lab Fries

5. Moustache Nails
Have fun with your nails by drawing moustaches on them!

moustache nails

6. Three safety devices to carry with you
Worried about your safety? We’ve rounded up three safety devices you might want to carry with you at all time.

pepper spray carpark

7. Simple foil-wrapped herbal chicken
You only need two minutes to prepare this herbal chicken. Really!

JewelPie: Herbal Chicken

8. LIFEHACK: breakfast toast hack
We have a few clever solutions to deal with your toast.



9. Petai Pizza
This is a recipe we’ve created one night and turned out to be amazing. A truly Malaysian pizza with petai, onions, chili and ikan bilis!

JewelPie: Petai Pizza

10. 5 tips to look good in bed
Despite all the cooking and cleaning we do here at JewelPie, we always make sure we still look good. Here are some tips to look your best even on bed!pajamas


11. 10 breakfast featuring eggs
We have 10 new recipes for those of you who are bored with the usual omelette, soft-boiled eggs and sunny side up.
breakfast egg

What’s your favourite idea?

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