JewelPie’s Best of November 2013

How was your November? It is quite festive over here. We are already thinking of all the things to do for Christmas and New Year! You’ll see more things related to party such as party tools, finger food and list of cake designers.

1. How to look less tired?
A good friend mentioned that she hates it when people tell her that she looks tired. Check out 7 tips to avoid that dreadful comment.colour

2. Four myths at fast food restaurants
A few things that you might have gotten fast food chain wrong (in terms of calories).

McD Malaysia

3. How to order a customised phone case
This is a customised phone case of our dog, Dimple. Learn how to make one for yourself!

How to order a customised phone case

4. Juice to combat high blood pressure
A three ingredient juice that is great to regulate high blood pressure.


5. How to turn yourself into a cartoon wit Bitstrips
This seems to be everyone’s new favourite app. Here’s a tutorial on how to make yourself and your friends into cartoons!


6. PRODUCT REVIEW: Philips Electrical Pressure Cooker
Are you planning to get an electric pressure cooker? We’ve gave this product test. Hear our verdict!Philips Electric Pressure Cooker


7. DIY homemade green tea mask
Our favourite mask just because it’s so easy to make!homemade green tea mask- exfoliating and antiaging


8. Very easy claypot chicken rice
You can have a filling meal with 6 ingredients in about half an hour.claypot chicken rice with rice cooker


9. Hosting a party? 10 cool gadgets to make it a hit!
We are planning to host more house parties at home and found some really amazing appliances that would make the event much more fun!


10. Hang earrings on a racquet
Have an old racquet? Turn it to a jewellery hanger.

racquet forearrings

11. 2 minutes egg sandwich
Instant noodles promise you that you can have a delicious and filling meal in 2 minutes. We can too!2 minutes egg sandwich


12. List of designers cake bakeries in Malaysia
Looking to make a custom cake for a special celebration? We have a list for you.Chewies Delight Designer Cakes


13. DIY detox peppermint foot soak
Christmas is coming soon. So we thought of making a DIY gift that you and your girlfriends would love!Peppermint Foot Soak

14. Asam boi drink in 1 minute
This is one of our favourite drink to order in hawker stalls. The combination of sweet, sour and salt flavour appeasl to our Malaysian tastebuds.

lime honey asam boi

15. Tupperware Turbo Chopper
We tried out a nifty tool that will make food preparation a lot more easier.Tupperware Turbo Choper

16. Free e-book: How To Manage & Organise Contacts With Evernote Hello
At JewelPie, we believe in gaining knowledge and sharing them. Learn how to keep your contacts efficiently using technology.


What’s your favourite article? Tell us so that we can make more of those!

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