JewelPie’s Best of May

How have you been this month? Many were busy with the general election that has just passed. We have never felt so united before and we’re planning to make more Malaysian dessert and dishes. So stay tune! In the meantime, enjoy looking through out favourite articles this month…

1. Steamboat party
When the weather gets cold, you might want to skip cooking dishes and make steamboat instead. Here’s how to do it in 30 minutes!

JEWELPIE - steamboat


2. Dark Chocolate Mousse
Make this beautiful dessert in 15 minutes using only 4 ingredients!

JewelPie- dark chocolate moose

3. Pandan flavoured sugar
This pandan flavoured sugar is perfect for your next cup of coffee.


4. How we create a functional and beautiful kitchen corner
We’ve designed out food preparation area to be both functional and beautiful. Check out how we do it.


5. 5 tips for online grocery shopping at Tesco
We’ve bought groceries from TESCO a few times so far. We’ve notice some disadvantages of shopping at TESCO. Here are 5 useful tips to make online grocery shopping a better experience.



6. How to subtly inject pink into an adult’s bedroom?
You don’t have to give up your dream pink bedroom. It’s not only for little girls.


7. 5 alternative uses of pandan leaves
Check out what else you can do with pandan leaves…JewelPie


8. Shop efficiently with our grocery list template
We’ve created a grocery list which includes many asian ingredients like lemongrass and belacan. You can even download it!

Shop efficiently with a personalised grocery list

9. How we use Evernote when meeting new friend
Evernote Hello helps you remember people. We’ll show you how we use it to organise our contacts and cards.JewelPie

10. Making mojito like a bartender
A bartender at Marini at 59 showed us how to make a mojito. It’s not that difficult!

11. Sago pudding with gula melaka
This is possibly the easiest Malaysian dessert to make.


What’s your favourite article this May?

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