JewelPie’s Best of June

The month of June involves a lot of traveling a – both work and leisure. Due to unforeseen extra workload, we employed cleaning services and came up with food so simple we almost feel embarass to share. Here are some of the things that worked for our busy lifestyle and we hope will be the same for you.

1. Mini Pepperoni Pizza
You can prepare these mini pizzas in 15 minutes. We can foresee our guests will be delighted!


2. Ten simple ways to create a Balinese style bedroom
At one of the oldest luxury resort at Bali, we noticed some small furnitures and decorations that can add Balinese feel into any room.


3. How to make Starbucks Iced Coffee at home
Enjoy a glass of popular Starbucks coffee at home in 1 minute.


4. List of part-time maids in Malaysia
Sometimes we have little energy left to keep the house clean. When that happens, know that you can always call for help.


5. Easiest way to separate egg white
There are many fancy tools and ways to do it, but we prefer this.


6. Five real advantages of keeping your business cards in Evernote (for the non-techie)
App are not just for young people or techies. We explained why Evernote Hello works for everybody.Evernote Hello

7. Making dark chocolate mousse for a girly party
We’ve showed you how to make chocolate mousse through photos before. Here’s a video of how we decorate it for a girly party.

8. Roast mushrooms in 10 minutes
Jusco offered a packet of mushroom which needs no washing. We tried and loved it!JewelPie

9. Iberico Pork Ribs in 20 minutes
We went into Mediteca’s kitchen and learned how to make iberico pork ribs. A fancy but easy dish.

JewelPie: Mediteca's Iberico Ribs

10. Homemade hummus
Make this healthy dip in 5 minutes!

JewelPie: Hummus

11. Exchanging multiple contacts with Evernote Hello
We are gradually organising our homes. Evernote Hello is one of the software/app that we employ to help us manage our old and new contacts.

Evernote Hello

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