JewelPie’s Best of July

This month is about enjoying a variety of kuih-muih at ramadhan bazaar, experimenting with some Malay food and generally soak in the peaceful atmosphere of sacred ramadhan. Here is our favourite articles this July.

1. Rainbow Roast Vegetables
Make this colourful vegetables in 15 minutes using only 5 ingredients

Rainbow Roast Vegetables

2. Decor tip from Mediterranean restaurant
Some smart and easy decor ideas from Mediteca.


3. Easy way to open mangosteen
Perhaps mangosteen come by too little that we only learned this trick recently

JewelPie: Mangosteen

4. Briyani in 20 minutes
Fragrant and flavourful briyani rice can be made in 20 minutes. We just need to use the right tool with the right recipe.

JewelPie: Briyani in 20 minutes

5. 10 tips when hiring part-time maid
Somethings you might want to take note when you hire part time cleaners.

JewelPie: part-time cleaner

6. Guacamole
This green dip was made with 3 ingredients in 3 minutes.JewelPie: Guacamole

7. Relaxing balinese dining experience at home
Recreate a relaxing balinese dining experience at home with 8 things.

JewelPie: Balinese

8.  Kerepek ubi kayu pedas
We thought this would make a lovely snack for raya. To us, it definitely beats any biskut raya!

9. 10 items to add colour into your living room
We paid a visit at IKEA and found 10 items in bright, happy colours. They are all below RM 100.IKEA Malaysia

10. Seafood Soup
The chef at Mediteca, a Mediterranean restaurant in KL, showed us how to make seafood soup.

seafood soup

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