JewelPie’s Best of January 2013

The new year came and now it’s already a month! January  is busy for us, but we are having so much fun creating useful and inspiring articles. These are our top favourites this month.

JewelPie: ManicureKit
Building a basic manicure kit We’ve put together a basic manicure and pedicure kit. Everything you need to pamper your hands and feet is in it. So handy!

***online grocery shopping

Online grocery shopping in Malaysia? Where? We’ve compiled some of online groceries store available in Malaysia. If you’re too busy to drop by the supermarket, you might want to check out these online stores.


13 Simple Resolutions Ideas For 2012 At the beginning of the year, we put down resolutions ideas. The list is simple as we believe changing one step at a time.


5 Ways To Wear A Scarf

5 Ways To Wear A Scarf A scarf must be the most flexible piece we have in our wardrobe. We showed you five alternative ways to use a scarf in a tropical country. Our favorite is probably using it as headband!


JewelPie-Essence Of Chicken

How to make chicken essence at home With the help of my Mom, we tried our hands on making homemade essence of chicken at home. It’s so yummy and nutritious!


PasswordHow to create a strong and unique password you can remember If your password is ‘Rwd5tdb0’, can you remember ? We can! Find out how here


Strawberry Cheesecake Parfait in 30 minutes We’re so thrilled to find a simple yet beautiful dessert. It only takes 30 minutes!  We can’t wait to make this again for our next party!


JewelPie: 3 Dates Tonic

Three Dates Tonic For Rosy Cheeks Want to achieve a natural blush to your cheek? Try this dates tonic drink. Do you know that 10 dates contains the same amount of iron as one palm-sized beef?

***Watermelon- JewelPie

Don’t cut your fruits, scoop it! We came up with the easiest way to eat watermelon, dragonfruit and kiwi: halved, scoop, eat! Have you been digging into your fruits with this method?

***Colour-code your keys with nail polish

Colourc-code your keys with nail polish We put our inexpensive and streaky nail polish to good use; we paint our keys with them. Now these colour-coded keys are not only pretty, they are much easier to identify too.


Garlic Oil on Spoon

5 minutes Crispy Garlic (Microwave) Crispy garlic, a versatile condiment to flavour congee, vegetables, fried rice or even instant noodles. We’ve made it in under 5 minutes without using the stove!


JewelPie's Instant Smoothie

Instant smoothie in sandwich bags Lazy to make a smoothie for breakfast every morning? Pre-pack it in freezer bags!  We’ve been having green smoothie everyday since!

Which is your favourite post this month? Let us know so that we can come up with more of it!

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