JewelPie’s Best of January 2014

Today marks the end of the first month of the year. It is also the eve of Chinese New Year. We are in festive mode and optimistic about the new year! Here are our favourite lifestyle tips and recipes at JewelPie this lovely January.

1. New Year Resolutions
Whatever goals you have for the new year, we have a few suggestion as to how to maintain them.

2014 resolutions

2. Soya steam egg
This is a twist to the common steam egg. We replace water with soymilk and prepare a delicious topping.
soya steam egg

3. Healthy office snack
We have written a series of healthy office snacks you can bring to the office. Wholemeal and multi-grain bread is one of them.

4. 3 tips to find & choose your clothes easily
Have trouble finding clothes in your wardrobe? Check out a few tips to overcome this frustration.

5. Chinese Chicken Herbal Soup
Pamper your body with a bowl of chicken herbal soup. While it takes a long time to boil, the active time amounts to only a few minutes.Herbal Chicken Soup

6. How to decorate your laptop
Bored with the look of your laptop? We have a solution for you.iskino

7. Gyoza in 5 minutes
Steamed or fried, gyoza make a delicious Asian finger food.

8. 5 easy tips to eat sustainably without depriving yourself
JewelPie partners with Save Our Seafood of WWF to bring awareness to the alarming state of our seafood. Here, we tell you how to eat sustainably without depriving yourself.
JewelPie: Seafood Soup

9. Gluten-free banana pancakes
This delicious breakfast only calls for two ingredients!
banana pancake

10. 3 asian ingredients to keep in the fridge
We like to keep these ingredients in the fridge to aid faster cooking.
Asian Ingredients

11. Glutinous rice balls in ginger soup
Often serve at Chinese reunion dinner, glutinous rice balls in ginger soup is one of our favourite Chinese dessert. Check out our simple recipe.
glutinous rice balls

Happy lunar new year!

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