JewelPie’s Best of February

Despite being the shortest month of the year, February felt like a long month. Our schedule is jam packed with house parties due to the 15 days long Chinese new year celebration. Of course, Valentine’s day means we are busy looking for ideas to help you surprise your love ones.

1.  Mashed potato (3 ingredients)
Our to-go party food. It’s easy, filling and most importantly, everybody enjoys a good mashed! 

mashed potatoes

2. DIY paper bunting
We’ve made a paper bunting which  instantly adds an air of festivity to the party!

DIY paper bunting

3. Wagyu Steak (3 ingredients, 5 minutes)
You don’t need to be a fabulous cook to make a good steak. Really!

Wagyu Beef Steak

4. Organise your entryway
If you label things you want to giveaway or return, you’ll never forget to pass a parcel to anybody. We’ll show you how.


5. Samsung Navibot S
Remember we’ve tried LG robotic vacuum cleaner? This time we have our hands on Samsung Navibot S.

6. Beancurd fried chicken (3 ingredients)
Asian-style fried chicken using red beancurd as marinate.

Nam  Yu Fried Chicken



7. DIY pineapple fruit enzyme
Ever wonder how to make fermented fruit drink at home? We have a step-by-step tutorial for you.DIY fruit enzyme

8. Spaghetti bolognese with rice cooker
Rice cooker does not only make congee or rice, you can cook spaghetti bolognese in it too.

Rice Cooker Spaghetti

9. How to peel petai


10. No-cook spaghetti aglio olio
A quick recipe suitable for a potluck party.

spaghetti aglio olio

12. How to book a taxi via MyTeksi App
Forget about waiting and hailing for a cab. Getting a ride home can be much faster, easier and safer through MyTeksi, an app which connects you to nearby taxi drivers.


What’s your favourite tip, recipes or tutorials this month? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

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