JewelPie’s Best of December

It is the end of the year 2013. We hope your year had been good. If it wasn’t, tomorrow will be another year. You will have another chance to make things better and create a change. At JewelPie, we are happy to be able to share ideas that would improve your life and will continue to do so. Here are some simple recipes and tutorials for December.

1. 3 Malaysian Seafood To Induldge
JewelPie collaborates with WWF to promote Save Our Seafood campaign. Besides telling you what to avoid eating, we also have highly recommend 3 delicious and sustainable Malaysian seafood dishes.

2. KFC-like mashed potato gravy
Are you a fan of KFC’s mashed potato with gravy? We should you how to make a gravy that tastes a lot like Colonel Sander’s secret recipe!
mashed potatoes

3. LG Hom-bot Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Review
Are you thinking to give up the broom and let the robot do the hard work? We have put LG Hom-Bot to it test. Let’s see how well it works.

4. Christmas Cake Pops
Create beautiful Christmas cake pops with only 5 ingredients!


5. Oyster Sauce in Squeeze Bottle
Make cooking easier by decanting oyster sauce from heavy glass bottle into a squeeze bottle.
Oyster Sauce In Squeeze Bottle

6. 5 tips to throw a dinner party when you can’t really cook
Think it’s impossible to throw a dinner party at your home because you can’t make a decent meal? Think again.

7. Beauty Subscription Boxes In Malaysia
Too many beauty boxes in the Malaysian market and you don’t know which to choose? This list might be of help.
beauty box malaysia

8. Make your own fizzy drink
Yes, it’s possible to make carbonated drinks at home. Check out our ginger ale recipe!
ginger ale

9. Super Easy Baked Mustard Fish Recipe
Make this easy baked fish in 15 minutes.

baked mustard fish

10. Burger Lab’s Portobello Fries
We are not sure how much healthier this portobello fries compared to regular potato fries, but we can tell you it tastes tremendously better.
myBurgerLab Portobello Fries

11. How to peel ginger
We believe in using the right tool for the right job. But might a spoon work better peeling ginger than a peeler?

12. Healthy office snacks: dark chocolates
We’ll tell you why you should munch on dark chocolates in between work…

We hope you enjoyed the ideas, recipes and tutorials we have shared so far.

Goodbye year 2013!

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