IT’S OUR BIRTHDAY! JewelPie Turns One!

JewelPie is one year old today!

It’s the day where we were convinced that there are busy women out there who want to live better and would appreciate a magazine that helps them do so.

We want to share how to eat healthier, cook faster, be organised, keep fit, dress well…for all the modern women who are strapped for time.

JewelPie Birthday
When the idea of a home lifestyle magazine came about, some were skeptical and questioned “Who wants to read something boring like homemaking?”.

But we have personally benefited from home-cooked food in a clean, organised and beautiful home. It leads to health, productivity and extra-time to spend on things we love like being with our family, traveling and dressing up.

We also know that people of the tech generation cook, clean and work differently. Technology and appliances are often used to make life easier.

We’ve come up with ideas and recipes almost everyday since first of January and have published over 250 articles; gathered a team of people who are passionate in their own field to share their knowledge; we’ve appeared on TV, newspapers, magazines and other media, and gathered a community of women who want to live a simple and beautiful life. JewelPie

Thank you for being with us on this journey for to live better and achieving the elusive work-life balance. Just having you at our site and joining us on Facebook, Instagram and newsletter made us feel what we are doing is not irrelevant.

That is especially true when we receive mails, comments and photos of things you’ve made from what you’ve seen on JewelPie. Thank you so much!

JewelPie JewelPie

We’re so happy that we’ve made it to a year and grew more quickly than we have first anticipated. Now we know for sure that we are not the only people who believe that happiness and success start from good health and a comfortable home.

JewelPie's birthday cake

Wishing us a happy birthday! We look forward to have you with us in this journey to live better!

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