JewelPie on TV: What we showed on Bella, ntv7

We were invited to be on Bella, the most popular talk show in Malaysia, to talk about smart ideas for simple homemaking. If you watched us on Ntv7 yesterday morning, thank you for tuning in and we hope you enjoyed it.

If you’ve missed the show, you can watch it at Tonton. Here is a recap of what we did along with links to recipes and tutorials:JewelPie: Bella TV, ntv7


1. Organise cosmetic table in glass jars and coffee beans
We showed how we use glass jars, beans and tray to organise any cosmetic table. Vanessa was curious whether they will attract ants an other insects. We’ve had them for more than eight months and there are no signs of any creature.
JewelPie-organise cosmetics with glass jar and coffee beans

2. Colour-code your keys with nail polish
As our keys were already colour-coded with nail polish, we painted on some keys belonging to one of Bella’s crew. He later told us that he had always mistaken the keys for the gate and the grill.
Colour-code your keys with nail polish

3. Making a glass of orange juice effortlessly
A short video on how we use electrical citrus juicer to make a glass of orange juice. No more using force to squeeze those oranges!

4. Instant smoothie in ziplock bag
You can pack these instant smoothie packs during the weekends. On a working day, just pop it in a blender and pour it into a tumbler with straw. You can drink it in the car, on the way to the office!
JewelPie's Instant Smoothie

5. Brownie in 2 minutes
This is one of our favourite quick dessert. It’s decadent and easy! Just remember to mix the ingredients really well so that it’s uniform. A reader mentioned that he liked it better with more milk. Do experiment it at home and let us know how it turned out.
Brownie in Mug- JewelPie

If you’re new at JewelPie, welcome! We hope that you find useful ideas that help make living at home easier.

JewelPie: BellaTV

Also, do you have any tips and tricks in cooking, cleaning, decor, entertaining or organising? Please share with us below or on Facebook.

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