JewelPie Love: Our favourite things in September

We’ve been having quite a few house parties, hence looking into things that would make food preparation faster and anything that would make our guest happy. Of course, like everyone else, there’s a lot of work which take large chunk of our time away. So when we have a little time, we looked for things that would make us feel pretty such as handbag and a product that promises longer lashes!

JewelPie Love- Our Favourite Things In September

1. Miss Dior, DIOR RM 13 500
Whilst researching for a classic bag which can be use from day to night, we found this beautiful Miss Dior.

2. Tupperware turbo chopper TUPPERWARE RM 129
We stumbled upon Tupperware’s catalogue and found a smart tool to chop ingredients like onions, shallots, chilli and ginger. Chopping seems effortless. You only need to pull a cord!

3. Elizabeth arden lash, Elizabeth Arden
Want longer and fuller lashes without mascara? Elizabeth Arden claims this product with triple peptide complex supports lash’s natural renewal cycle leaving you with beautiful lashes

4. Organic dish washing liquid, ALIVE RM 45
We find it quite meaningless that after cooking food with organic ingredients, we wash our plates with chemical detergent. If you do not buy into natural and organic products, you might want a safer and plant-based dishwashing liquid for babies and family members whose health is compromised.

5. Laptop Support IKEA RM 49.90
Always have your laptop on your lap while watching TV? This laptops support would make you feel more comfortable.

6. Portable BBG Grill, Homping LAZADA RM 660
We’ve been throwing house parties lately and find that some appliances can bring live to a party such as the healthy ice-cream machine. This portable grill using charcoal and battery-operated would make a fun BBQ party. We imagine chit-chatting with our guest while grilling marinated meat and seafood.

7. One touch Idol ALCATEL RM 999
If you’re searching for an android phone, you might want to consider Alcatel’s One Touch Idol.  Great features aside, it’s clutter free and can be customized easily.

What’s your favourite things this month?

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