JEWELPIE LOVE: Our favourite things in June

Have you heard of this quote? “People are made to be loved and things are made to be used. The confusion in this world is that people are being used and things are being loved.” Here at JewelPie, we believe in making use of  lovely things to make ourselves and people around us happy. JewelPie Love: Our favourite things in June


1. Blue pump from Zang Toi Parkson
A beautiful pair of patent loafer made by a local designer. We like the bright colour and the leather lining with contrast double lining stitching.

2. SMEG retro fridge from Kitch
SMEG is a brand that combines technology with style and design. Here’s their iconic fridge which we think will make a great addition to a home.

3. Yonanas frozen fruit ice-cream maker
For the health-conscious with sweet tooth, this could be better than ice-cream maker. It turn frozen fruits into ice-cream! RM 289 at major supermarkets.

4. Incase from Acquire
Incase is not sleek but its plushy design makes a great protective case for your iPad. We adore London designer duo Eley Kishimoto’s iconic pattern on this.

5. Tweezerman from Luxola
We believe in investing in quality tools instead of putting up with something that doesn’t do its job well. Tweezerman is the Ferrari of tweezers. We love that this comes in pretty coral.

6. Joseph Joseph Rotary Peeler from Kitchen Shop
Mediteca’s iberico pork ribs asked for julienne citrus zest. We’ve tried on hands on it and it wasn’t easy. Here’s one tool that peels food in three ways: standard, serrated and julienne.

7. Lamy Safari Neon Fountain Pen Lamy
Don’t you dread that good pens always come in boring blacks? Now Lamy’s neon pen is something different. It’s so bright, you won’t have trouble searching for it in your bag.

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