JEWELPIE LOVE: Our favourite things in July

In the month of ramadhan, knowing that many fast during the day, we appreciate food a whole lot more than usual. We’re attracted to things that are like food, but not i.e we see chocolate on a knife and candies on LV monogram…

JewelPie Love: Our favourite things in July

1. Businesscard holder Louis Vutton
Every woman who cares for their career should carry a good-looking business card holder like this.

2. Swiss Army Knife’s Classic chocolate Multitools
A handy and delicious-looking tool. RM 99

3. Philips Ice-cream maker LAZADA
If you’re into artisan ice-cream like the Last Polka, you might like to try to make your own at home with this machine. RM 199

4. Keratase Oleo-relax serum A Cut Above
A serum with cult following. It makes your hair shiny and smelling great.

5. Detox Infusion Marks & Spencer
Herbal tea with a blend of nettle, dandelion, milk thistle here, spearmint and liquorice. RM 13.90

6. Gold sandals ZARA
A metallic sandal with sturdy heels. RM 199

Did you fall in love with anything this month?

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