JewelPie Love: Favourite things in April

We always seek things that enhance our daily life at home. This month, we found something we will love to install in our bathroom and a few pretty tools that will make a great house party.

JewelPie Love

1. Saucerball Table Griller
This small and portable griller allows you to have BBQ at home. It’s great for outdoor BBQ too as it can be carried around easilh and has short legs so that it sits firmly on the ground.
RM 8.90. Available at Aino Living

2. Fresh juice LA JUICERIA
No time for a juice detox? Get someone else to do it for you. La Juiceria make fresh fruit juice daily using the slow juicing method and delivers them to your home.

3. Mug With Tea Strainer BODUM
A pot and a tea-cup in one! This mug comes with a tea strainer that allows the tea to be freshly brewed. It’s surely a quick way to enjoy your favourite tea leaves.
RM99. Available at Parkson

4. Party Led Lantern
Improve the ambience of  your home with pretty paper lanterns with LED lights. Available in blue, green and white.
RM 8.90. Available at Aino Living

JewelPie Love


5. PANASONIC automatic bidet toilet seat
With this automatic bidet toilet seat, you won’t need a bucket of water or bidet.
RM 299. Available at Rakuten.

6. LG Pocket Printer
Attach your smart phone to this printer and have your photos printed, pronto!
RM 399. Available at Lazada

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